26 June 2010

Dublin Critical Mass 25th June 2010 St Stephens Green.

I went to the Dublin Critical Mass as Usual Starting at The Memorial Arch outside Saint Stephens Green Park at 5.30. It started of late at around 6.15 pm with more People arriving at the last minute. There usually is around 30 - 35 Cyclists but this time there was 50 starting off in the Glorious Warm Evening Sunshine.

It was a stirring Sight to see the Mass of Cyclists Reclaiming the Streets from the Cars. Showing that Cycling has arrived in Dublin. We headed off down Dawson Street then Nassau Street ,Trinity Street then Dame Street up to Christchurch Cathedral,down Winetavern Street then out onto Ormonde Quay on the River Liffey ,Bachelors Walk then into O 'Connnell Street then Finishing at the Garden of Rememberance Parnell Square.It was a nice Leisurely Cycle no Fuss.

When I got Home I had a nice Dinner Peas and Brown Rice and Mackerel with a Butter and Lemon and Pepper Marinade covered with a White Sauce and Washed down with some Czech Lager with Bananas for Dessert and a Mug of Strong Coffee, Cycling makes you very Hungry .


Ryan said...

Nice to see so many "chic" cyclists there.

I've always been unsure of what to think of critical mass though.

It usually receives negative press over here, which then pisses off even more motorists.
There have been conflicts in Canada and the USA with people trying to drive through.

Either-way, it looked like a great event there.

l' homme au velo said...

Put the Shoe on the other Foot,every Day of the Week there are Traffic Jams with Cars and Trucks Literally Blocking up every Inch of the Roadway including those inadequate narrow little Cycle Lanes ,they just do not care. They do not even attempt to get out of the way of Cyclists.

Cyclists have a right to the Road just as much as the Cars,they are Traffic and should not be shoved out of the way. The Critical Mass only lasts a few seconds and moves on.

In my opinion the Streets are for People not Cars. Cities Towns and Villages should be Car and Truck Free. Car Drivers should leave their Cars outside the City and Town Limits and either Bus or Walk or Cycle through the Towns. Reclaim the Streets for it's Citizens.

The problem with the US and Canada is too many Cars,we are not quite that bad yet. We never really had a huge Car Culture to begin with.

In Dublin we never have big Numbers in CM taking part usually only around 30 so Friday's turn out was good, hopefully it will grow to Thousands in some Future time.

Ryan said...

Unfortunately the media plays a very large role in making cyclists out to be evil.
The only time critical mass is ever reported on is when there is an altercation and of course it is always "the cyclists fault".

Cyclists are vilified by many after critical mass, even if it is peaceful. One of our biggest "enemies" here in Canada is actually the media.

The past two days the G20 has been taking place in Toronto.
On the first day, the "black bloc" smashed windows, burned police cars etc.

Then yesterday there were more peaceful protests, including one where hundreds of cyclists took to the streets (pretty well a critical mass) and the media did everything possible to make it look like the cyclists were trying to incite the police. All they were doing is riding along, WITH a police escort.

I completely agree about cities/towns and villages being car and truck free.
One thing I love about many smaller European cities & villages is how they are more centred around people walking and cycling. They may not be car-free, but pedestrians and cyclists are put first.

As long as I live in Canada, I will never see anything like that. Anything that promotes pedestrian areas within cities is viewed as a "was on cars".

Velouria said...

Very nice! We might be moving to Dublin in November, and I am both nervous and excited about the possibilities of cycling in and outside the city. I wonder how it compares to Boston...

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Velouria. I do not know about Boston as I have never been there or indeed in the USA. Dublin is a very nice City, The Original City is Compact and not big,but the Greater Dublin area is big enough.

It is very Pleasant to Cycle when it is not at Rush Hour,Rush Hour begins at 7.15 am - 9.45 am and 5.15 pm - 6.15pm. The worst areas are the Arterial Roads out of the City,but you get used to the Traffic after awhile. We also have a 30KM/H 19mph Limit in the Centre City Core.

It is very Pleasant to Cycle around the huge Phoenix Park to the west of the City and also along the Cycleway at Clontarf and out to Howth also there is St Annes Pk in Raheny. There are some very quiet Roads around the City as well.

Some of the Outlying Towns and Villages are very interesting Places to visit like Dunlaoghaire and Dalky on the Southeast Coastal Area and Malahide on the North Coast area of Dublin.

We are not far from the Countryside or Mountains,you only have to go a few KM OR Miles, and we are beside the Sea also.

We also have the Dublin Vélib Public Bike Hire dublin.ie if you do not have a Bike and you can also Hire Bikes off Cycleways ie Bike Shop on Parnell Street or Hire them off the Phoenix Park Bike Hire if up that Direction.

I hope you will enjoy yourself in Dublin if you do manage to come for a stay and wish you a Hearty Bienvenue á Dublin.