02 June 2010

Leisurely Cycle to Howth and back to Clontarf,Wednesday 2nd June 2010

The Weather is Beautiful for awhile with no Rain and Warm and Sunny so I decided to go for a Spin and see where it would take me. I eventually Ended up in Howth Fishing Village in Nth County Dublin. There was a slight Headwind on the way out and I decided to take it nice and easy no rush. If you decide to go fast in these conditions you only succeed in tiring yourself out and you do not enjoy the Ride. I eventually left the House at 3.40 pm and was in Howth around 4.30pm. I had got a New Camera on Thursday and tried it out taking Pictures on the way out and back. I was in Sutton where the Road is bad for a few Years and the Camera hopped out of it's Bag in my Pocket and bounced off the Road. I said o no it is bashed up what a waste,but it was just scuffed on the side a bit and is still working. I left Howth at 5.10 pm and got Home around 6.10. I decided to go the long way back to Clontarf to enjoy the off Road Cycle Way on the Seafront. I eventually had my Dinner at 7.00pm,Cabbage and Potato with Onion and Garlic with some Cottage Cheese on top and Roast Chicken. Washed down with some Polish Beer which tasted like Stella Artois the Belgian Beer very nice and some Brie Cheese followed by a Mug of Coffee.

Pictures are Me at the small Lighthouse in Howth,The main Lighthouse,The RNLI Lifeboat Roy Barker 11 arriving in the Harbour, Fishing Boat with the Immortal Words( Póg mo Thoin )Presenté á vous bises sur mon fessee, two pic's feeding the Harbour Seals with Plaice, Sign on the Cycle way in Sutton Enroute to Howth Slí na Slainte the Healthy Way and the unhealthy way in the Texaco Garage across the Road ,Two Pictures of Dublin Cycle Chic's on the Cycleway at Sutton, 5 pic's of Cyclists in Clontarf and you can see all the Traffic coming from the City it is Chockers, Pothole stretching the width of the Road at the entrance to my Estate,it has been like this now Months, Dinner.


健豪 said...
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Ryan said...

Great pictures, looked like an amazing day.
Nice to see more cyclists out. It's also nice to see cyclists dressed in normal everyday clothing.
Last Sunday I saw a great number of cyclists, however nearly everyone of them were your "spandex-style" cyclists from our local cycling club.

The cabbage and potatoes look great!

l' homme au velo said...

This route is very nice no Hills from the City out to Howth and a good bit of it is off Road but sometimes you can get a horrible Wind coming in from the Sea which can slow you down.

I meet a lot of Road Racing Sportif Cyclists in the Spandex as well on this route ,it is a great Route to Practice on. When you get to Howth Village they can do a bit of Mountain Climbing up the Hill out of the Village. I would estimate it to be about 400 metre to the Summit. If I am going up the Hill I have to Walk after 200 Metres as it gets quite steep and you have a climb for 4KM afterwards.

The Weather is very nice around 17Celsius in Dublin and 21 inland.

This Blog usually ends up with Food Beer or Wine for some reason or other. The only problem with this Cycleway is it is shared with Pedestrians and you get Joggers ,Dog Walkers,Strollers wandering onto the Bike part.

Ryan said...

The area I plan on moving to will almost be guaranteed to have lots of hills and because it's on the ocean I'd assume a fair amount of wind as well.

Weather seems quite comfortable for riding. For the last few weeks it's been about 28C here with humidity that made it feel closer to 35-40C.

I wish when cities made shared pathways, they'd at the very least make them wide enough so cyclists can have their space and pedestrians/joggers/dogs can have theirs.

l' homme au velo said...

most Cyclists normally have to go on the Pedestrian part especially when another Cyclist is approaching in the opposite direction or when there is those Yellow Demarkation signs painted in the Cycleway where there is an entrance from the Road or Path beyond the Wall.

It looks like when they designated this a Cycleway at Sutton that they were thinking of giving the Cyclists more space across the entire Path because you can see faint Bicycle Picture markings at the Sea Part of the Path. Then they changed their mind and left a Strip for Pedestrians.

They are supposed to be Extending this Cycleway all the way around Dublin Bay from Howth out to Dun Laoghaire sometime in the Future,this would be terrific as it would stretch about 30 odd Kilometre and more about 19- 22miles.

Ryan said...

I saw a video from Vancouver, where there is a stretch that has a multi-use path however pedestrians and cyclists are separated by a grass/treed median.
I'm sure pedestrians use the cyclist path and cyclists use the pedestrian path, however at least the city set it up properly.

Not sure why cities don't think of pedestrian safety when building multi-use pathways.
Cyclists will want to go at the very least 20kph, though most commuters may end up going 30kph.

In Vancouver I believe they have speed limits of 15kph on multi-use pathways. Here where I live, speed limits are 20kph.
Not too sure how you can enforce it though. Before I got my speedometer/odometer, I had no idea how fast I was going.

l' homme au velo said...

15KM is a fair speed it is a nice Amble,not quick but not to slow either,most People would be satisfied with this as it does not tire them out and they can handle it even the Older People. It is the Speed People Travel at if they are Touring long Distances.

20 KM is the speed that you begin to notice that you are starting to go at a good Speed and can feel the Wind in your Hair.

At 25KM Plus you begin to feel the Pressure especially if you start to go up a small Hill.

So at 25KM you know you are Traveling Fast,and if you can reach 30km Plus then Road Racer Speed. If you can get it up to 35KM then you are really Booting it along and if you can sustain those Speeds Mile after Mile then you are Road Race fit. Then you should not be anywhere near Pedestrians but on the open Road and preferably on a Velodrome. You have arrived at Competitive Fitness.

It is not comfortable traveling at those Speeds, I travelled at 44KM coming down a Steep Hill before I slowed it Down. The Bike was trying to go faster but I was getting Frightened of the Bike losing Control and slowed it down.

I have no Computer Speedometer on my Bikes now but if I am in the Hills I hate flying down the Hills and have to slow the Bike down.

So for most ordinary People 25KM is fast enough unless you are Contador or Armstrong.

Ryan said...

I usually average around 20k.

If the wind is at my back and I'm in a hurry I usually top out at 30k. Bike really can't go much faster than that and don't really want it to either.

Even though our multi-use path has a speed limit of 20k, most people (myself included) go over that. There are not many pedestrians when I use it, so when I do encounter a pedestrian I simply slow down to about 15k or so.

I believe the fastest I've gone going down a steep hill was around 45k. You can really feel how much harder it is to steer at those speeds.

靜怡 said...