13 June 2010

June 12th Odyssey around Dublin in search of the perfect Bicycle.

Saturday was a perfect Day lovely and warm with the Sun Splitting the Tree's.I had heard the previous Day there was to be an Phillipines Independence Day Celebration in St Annes Parkland Raheny, The former Estate of a Relation of the Guinness Family and I wanted to have a look at it.

The event started after 10 O Clock Mass they are very Religeous The Phillipino's. I arrived after 12.00am and I was surrounded by Thousands of Phillipino's from the Four Corners of Ireland. There was Pavillions all over the Park Celebrating all things Phillipino,Food,various Groups like Photography,Nursing,Culture Etc. I then went down to the Red Stable Farmers Market and had Lunch of a CrepƩ and Coffee from the CreperiƩ then headed off to the south side of the City to Sandymount.

There was hardly any Traffic on the Roads it was perfect for cycling. After Coming across the Liffey at Ringsend (Called Ray Town by the local's because it was once a Fishing Centre)The Toll Bridge and Shipping in Alexandra Basin.

I wanted to have a look at the New Bicycle Shop in the Village of Sandymount ,in Sandymount Green( twowheels.ie ). I was very impressed by the amount of Bicycles and the great amount of Dutch Bikes for Sale particulary this Bakfiets from Gazelle. I asked them about a Touring Bike and they mentioned a Trek I think it was a 520 that they took on Touring themselves. I said was it Steel and he said it was. Trek does not do Touring specific Bikes as far as I know but most bikes can be used for Touring ,they said they could get one on Order if I was interested. So I started to head off when I spotted this Cycle Chick in the Village looking at the Art on the Railings and took a Picture. Statue of a Girl in the Village Enjoying the Joys of Spring,must be a Cyclist after completing her Ride and is Happy. Childrens Bikes outside the Spar Shop in the Village.

Coming up the Ringsend Road over the Grand Canal Bridge,Bicycle Tour Group of the City,nice Bicycles but why do they have to wear those Stupid Helmet's. Nice Road Bicycle in an Apartment Window about 4 Floors up about 2 Hundred Metres further on in Pearse Street. I arrived in Merrion Square Park and took a Photo of Oscar Will's Fingal O'Flaherty Wilde otherwise known as Oscar Wilde The Great Irish Dramatist and Writer of the 1880ties then some Photo's of the Memorial to the Irish Defence Forces Commemorating the Personnel who Died on Active Service mainly with the United Nations.

I then went off to Penny Farthing Cycles in Camden Street to see what they had and had a look at MC Donald Cycles in Wexford Street. Then back to the City Centre and City Cycles in Parnell Street,I ended up buying a new Pump and a Jar of Assos Cream then I went Home.It was a Brilliant Day,the next Day Sunday it was back to the Wind and Rain but after 4.00pm it has stopped and it is getting nice now.So I will have to think about getting a new Tourer,it involves some Monetary Pain.

I mean to do a lot of long Distance Cycling and my Bottom End Tends to get very Sore so the Assos Cream will Alleviate this hopefully .Last Pictures are,I got this Magnetic Saucer lately to prevent my Screws and Nuts and Bolts getting lost while I am Fixing the Tyres and Punctures on my Bikes,two new Inner Tubes for the Brompton I have been meaning to change the Inner Tube for this Bike for a few Months now,the new Specialized more compact Pump and the Old Zefal Pump. The New Pump fixed on the Trek.


Ryan said...

Great day it seemed!
The only time here where there seems to be very little cars on the road is usually on Sunday mornings from 7am-8:30am.
Other than that it is almost constant.

I love that bike "Gazelle". You never see those in the city I'm in. I believe perhaps only Vancouver & Toronto may have those types of bikes.
Have you ever ridden a bike like that? I've always wonder how they handle?

I really need one of those magnetic saucers. Whenever I'm working on bikes (especially) in the house, I'm always looking for bolts, washers etc.

I like the new pump. I use to have a pump similar to the zefal, it's as old as me. I found it quite difficult to pump up tires.
The new one looks much more similar to my new hand pump. Works amazing!

l' homme au velo said...

On Saturday and Sunday it is usually quiet at least in the Day time and those areas I was in are normally quiet anyway. Pearse Street was a Terrible Area once until they put in the East Link Bridge to Ringsend and a few other Bridges across the Liffey. There is also the M50 Motorway to the West of the City and with a Bridge so this avoids a load of Traffic passing through the City.

We are starting to get some Dutch Bikes being sold in the City as well as Velorbis the Danish Makers and also Pashley The English Makers from Stratford on Avon. So they are starting to appear more on Dublin Streets now but it is slow.

I have not Ridden one of these Bakfiets yet.

The Magnetic Saucer I seen these some time ago so I finally decided to get one in a Tool Shop. I was forever losing bits and Pieces like Washers and Screws and they would disappear and take a long time to find them. It cost me € 6 Euro so I suppose $10 Canadian except you probably do not have to Pay 21% Vat. I also have a Magnetic Pen type thing that Telescopes out and can pick up certain Metallic objects so long as it isn't an Alloy,it saves your Back of the Strain of Bending down.

There is nothing wrong with the Zefal it works perfectly ,It is the Traditional Old Style with a Tube but the new Pump is more Compact.

I tried fixing the Puncture on the Brompton some time ago but it had four or more Punctures so I suppose it was just Perished or I had Pinched it getting it off the Wheel. So I got two new Inner Tubes. Because the Wheels are so small 16 3 /8 Inch and all the Nuts and Washers it is very Fiddly changing the Wheels. I would not like to be stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to fix a Puncture on the Brompton.

A normal Standard size Bike is easier to get the Wheels off and on.Although I suppose Practice makes perfect and I have heard People go touring on their Bromptons even up the Alps.