21 June 2010

National Bike Week 13th- 20th June.

At the beginning of the Week Monday Morning I was laid low with a Stomach upset,I think it was Food Poisoning. I starting getting Pains in my Stomach on Sunday Night and by Monday Morning I had a Dose of what can only be described as in Dublin Parlance as Johnny Jump up,in other words I had the Runs.

This continued until 11 am on Wednesday and I could not leave the House . I missed the Dublin Cycling Campaign AGM and anything that was happening for Bike Week. I tried getting to the Post Office to pay a Utility Bil but had to get back to the House when I started getting the Pains in my Stomach. I tried again on Tuesday and made it there and back with the Bill paid.

By Saturday I was feeling much better and decided to have a look at the Cycle Races in Dame Street which had been closed off all around the Cobblestoned Narrow Streets of Temple Bar then up Dame Street to Christchurch Cathedral and back around Templebar in a Circuit of around 2 KM or 1 1/2 Miles. I looked at the Womens Race but could not stay for the Mens as I had to get Food and get Home. I tried to stay but realised it would be very late by the time it was over after 8 pm. The Mens Race the Excitement for it was Building up by the time I had left at 5.30 pm,an Eclectic Group of Irish Riders from Irish POST Sean Kellys Team and others in a Five Nations Race, Ireland ,England,Scotland,Wales,France.

On Sunday I went with the Dublin Social Group on a Trip along the Grand Canal to Roberstown but we only went as far as Sallins because we were all Knackered Tired. The Pathway or former Towpath was nicely Smooth as far as Clondalkin because the City Council done a Grand Job on it but those Metal Barriers was Cruel trying to go under them over them and through the Gates. That was the only annoying thing about the Trip. After Clondalkin the Pathway became rough and Wild and you were Cycling through Long Grass then Gravel as you were in the Countryside. Also there was some Muddy Motorbike Tracks that I got caught in and fell of the Bike Twice. Most of the Group had MTB's with just three of us with ordinary Bike's.it would have been better with the Thick Tyres in the Rough Ground.

We stopped in Hazelhatch at a Canal side Pub for some Drinks at 12 am but it was still closed so we had some Lunch at the outside Picnic Tables.

Then continued on to Sallins and had our Lunch and Drinks there and Elected not to go any Further to Roberstown as we reckoned we had enough. The Sun was very Warm,it was just like the Mediterannean and these little Canal side Pubs are very Inviting. There was some kind of Pro IRA Festival going on in the Town with Bands and Singers Playing Rebel Songs and Loads of IRA Banners and the noise was Deafening,I found it Objectionable and so did the rest of the Group. So we coasted around to get some quiet Pub away from the Ru Rah Ra and Political Overtones.We Cycled up the Road then back down the Road of the Little Hamlet of Sallins,the Police were in force directing the Traffic Jam which had Developed. Then we found ourselves back at Square one at a Pub on the Canal side and settled back to some Food and Drinks.

After an hour or two we headed back to Dublin and at Leeson Street we gradually said our Goodbyes until the next trip. I was accompanied by a Polish Girl to the Malahide Road then we both went our separate way and said Goodbye until the next meet up.

It was very enjoyable and I estimate we went 65 km or 40miles 33 out and 33 back. It was sapping on the Energy because of the rough Ground and also those annoying Barriers to keep the Joy Riders off the Paths.
Pictures are 5 Pics of the Womens Cycle Race around Templebar and Dame Street ( All Hail the Conquering Champions ) the three Winners.

Dublin Social Cycle Group ,Trip to Sallins along the Grand canal Dublin, Ornate Pub at Hazelhatch,Englisman and his wife Browseing at the Canal side and Canal Barges. The Group having Lunch at Hazelhatch,two Polish Girls one English Chap and the rest of us Irish.
Along the way Ornate Cottage stop for Rest and Pictures.


m e l i g r o s a said...

that is awesome! :D that macevoys place looks so cute!
xxo.m <3

l' homme au velo said...

Loads of Pubs just like this one every 10 Miles on the Canal. This was the way Transport moved in the 1780 ties especially when they wanted to move huge Tonnage like Grain,better than the Horse and Cart. Also some very nice Canal Hotels were Built.

There is two Canals in Ireland The Royal and the Grand Canal. Although they were largely made Redundant not long after they were Built due to the Railways having been Built soon after ,Thanks Meligrosa.

劉淑芬 said...

Many a little makes a mickle...................................................................

Ryan said...

Glad your feeling better. I can't stand it when I can't get out on the bike.

I agree with meligrosa, I like that Macevoys building.

I wish we had bike races here. Although I dislike seeing people in lycra, I'm still fascinated with bike races.

l' homme au velo said...

I like Bike Races myself,they have a place so do Lycra and Spandex.However the Sportive side of Cycling should not take over to the exclusion of normal everyday Cycling as has happened in a lot of Countries like Australia the US and parts of Canada.

These Cyclists would prefer Vehicular Cycling because they can Travel at fast Speeds on the Public Roads and Dedicated Lanes do not suit which are full of ordinary Cyclists. It only slows them down,this is the case in Britain or Australia in which Cycling Organisations actually oppose Cycling Lanes.

As to the other thing,I was feeling Weak and anytime I tried to go out I just had to go back Home because I though I would be in trouble when the Pains started..

That trip the Weather was Beautiful it had not Rained in a Week and only on a Sunday. So we were lucky ,otherwise I could have done with Thick wide Wheels in case of a Muddy Ground. Most of the way we were travelling on an Earthen Ground with high Grass and Thickets once we had left Dublin and the Pathway was not paved anymore.

I wish I had took a Picture of those Barriers that we met every few Hundred Metres to keep the Joyriders off the Canal. It is a Metal Barrier about 10 Metres long with a special Gate with a swinging Gate in between that is supposed to allow Bikes through but in Reality is very awkward.We tried lifting the Bikes over,under,around the Canal side,and tried to wedge the Bikes through the Inner Gate. Only those who had their Packs on their Backs had it relatively easy.

Ryan said...

There are many who are triathlons or racers that also oppose dedicated bike lanes.

Along our canal trail, they always ride on the road, which is actually a good thing because there are a lot of pedestrians, roller-bladders, dogs, geese and other slower moving cyclists.
I like to go at a nice pace of around 20-25km. It's easy for me to move or slow down for those "obstacles".

Those in training usually are going 40-50km and seeing as the speed limit on the adjacent road is 50km it makes sense for them to ride on there.

Two years ago I had this viral infection and I couldn't do anything. Getting off the couch to get some soup to eat was a major chore.
Despite all the pain I was in then, the thing that bothered me most was not being able to go out and ride.

l' homme au velo said...

About a year ago I was in the Phoenix Park,The extremley large Park to the west of the City 1760Acres containing the Presidents Mansion ,The American Ambassadors Residence,The Zoo and hundreds of Acres of Forest and Polo Fields etc.

I was on the Cycle Path on the Dutch Bike and I stopped to take a Picture of something. When something Whizzed by me and a lot of Shouting after me. I discovered it was a Road Racer in all the Spandex Gear,I shouted after him not to be going so fast and a few Insults but he just did not Hear. He was gone in an Instant. Should he have been going so fast,it could have been anyone on the Path. A couple of Children on Bikes or an Old Person or someone with Dogs. They all use this Path and not just Cyclists.

He could have used the Road instead, he wanted it both ways. He did not want to be annoyed by Cars and yet he did not want anyone in his way on the Bike Path.

I suppose I was in the wrong as I stopped sideways on the Path but he was travelling to fast.

There is no easy way to accomodate Roadies,they go so fast. Sometimes they have Accidents in the Early Mornings on Training Runs. They are to fast for normal Cycle Lanes and also to fast for Public Roads.

志宏 said...