13 June 2010

Bicycles,Dogs and Demonstrations.June Bank Holiday Weekend.

Last Saturday during the Bank Holiday Weekend there was a large Demonstration in Dublin Protesting against the Israeli Government Hijacking the Humanitarian Aid Ship to Gaza and Killing 9People in the process. So I decided to take part in it and I went off on the Trek into the City to the Garden of Rememberance. On reaching Fairview I noticed this sign warning Motorist to be careful of Cyclists and Pedestrians. This is a new thing lately but they do not leave it up all the time unfortunately,it is only because of the Holiday when they are surmising there are Pedestrians and a lot of Inexperienced Cyclists on the Roads and they change the sign after the Holiday is over.

The last few Years because Cycling has become so Popular,People are taking their Bikes everywhere and it is not unusual to see loads of Bikes at Demos as well as Dogs and Children. This is me in the Red Shirt with the Cycling Gloves and the next Picture is my Bike beside someone else's. The Procession eventually Ended up at the Department of Foreign Affairs,Iveagh House on Saint Stephens Green . There was many Speeches calling for the Government to Expel the Israeli Ambassador and a Boycott on Israeli Goods,but the Government was Fudging as usual.

They Condemned the Israeli Government but did not do anything else ,it is just typical. After awhile it will be all forgotten about except that there is a Load of Pressure Building up to do something about it. Certainly the ordinary People will be having a Boycott of Israeli Goods and these are the ones that will force the Government to stop doing nothing.

Everywhere you go Bicycles are everywhere,this is a new Golden age if only the Infrastructure would improve it would be really great.


WestfieldWanderer said...

Slight slip up on that matrix sign. They've put up a warning triangle for pedestrians, but a circular prohibition sign for bikes.
Tells us a lot about the attitude of the Garda, one imagines.

l' homme au velo said...

I did not think that myself I must admit Westfield Wanderer.If it is a probhibition sign there is usually a Diagonal Stroke through the Circle.

The Relationship between Cyclists and the Police is not bad generally,I have had no problems with them although you might come across a Grumpy Cop sometime or other.

They have lately every so often Targeted Cyclists with a Road Check for having no Lights but they usually announce they are going to do it. The last one was on East Wall Road about a Month ago. For Years People have been going around with no Lights on Bikes in the City and they have gotten away with it,they still do it.

I was stopped Years ago around 1975 for having no front Light.I started off ok and then the Light went out so I just got a telling off. They have not really bothered anyone until recently about Lights.This just goes to show that Cycling is back in Focus when they start checking People again.

I must ask about this point you are making at the Dublin Cycling Campaign meeting on what their view is on the sign being a Prohibition. Thanks Westfield Wanderer.