26 August 2009

Advance Notice,Critical Mass on Friday 25th September, Un Grande Manifestation Critical Mass au Le Velo Journee Dernier Septembre Verte St Stephen

I attended a Meeting Tonight Tuesday in Seomra Spraoi , 10 Belvedere Court D1 for a proposed Critical Mass Ride through Dublin on the 25th of September possibility of it starting at 6 pm GMT and Assembling at the Memorial Arch outside St Stephens Green. It will highlight the position of Cyclists in Dublin and show what a Healthy Lifestyle it is. Possibility of it going along the Grand Canal ,finally Ending in one of the Parks like the Phoenix Park or the Community Gardens on Sth Circular Road and have a Picnic Hopefully there will be Music,Bring Sambos and something Nice to Drink. I dont know all the Details yet.It will be a Work in progress,People will be printing Leaflets and Finalising things.There will be an E Mail Site on Google and other Sites shortly. Further News will follow shortly. We are having another Meeting in a Week or so at another Venue elsewhere .Transduction Francais Pour Le Etrangere Outre Mer Visité Dublin.Bienvenue Toute Le Peuple au Le Velo Jeunesse et Aged, Rendezvous au Le Park Verte Saint Stephen Le Jour Dernier Septembre Pour Le Grande Manifestation Critical Mass au Le Velo,Pour Presenté Le Vie Tré Agreable Du Velo et Advocacy, Possibilite 6pmGMT Ouvert. Le Route Grande Canal et Autre Areas en Dublin , Fini Dans Le Park Phoenix ou Le Jardin Communaute Routiere Sud Circular ou Autre Park , et Ave Le Fete Du Velo Picnicque Et Musique Boom Box,Acquirer Sandwiches et Bisson. Je ne pas Connaissait Aller Le Details, mas Un Info Postez Dans un Nouvelles EMail et Web Sites Google en un Semaine ou Deux.Je suis Desole pour mon Pauvre Francais,I am trying my best here.

Further Info,a New Google Group has been formed dublin-critical - mass@googlegroups.com

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