14 September 2009

Sunday Spin to the South side of Dublin Bay.

Sunday Yesterday the Weather was so good I decided to go off on a spin on my Bike. As I am always going to Howth I decided for a change to go to the South side of Dublin Bay to Dunleary/Dunlaoghaire and to Dalky. For a moment as I was Cycling along the Coast at Monkstown I imagined I was in the Cote D'Azure it was so nice.

Dublin City Council is going to put in a Dedicated Cycleway next Year starting from Rathmines Road ,along the Grand Canal then over the New Sam Beckett Bridge to meet up with the Cycle Track at Fairview Park. At least it is a start,I hope they will put in more Dedicated Cycle Lanes in Future. I would rather a more Direct Route through the City instead of this Circuitous one. Like from Rathmines Rd down Camden street then O ' connell St then Dromcondra to Dublin Airport. Pics are , Sam Beckett Bridge, Dumped Bike in Tolka River at Fairview, Martello Tower Bathing Spot at Seapoint,View of Howth from Seapoint, Dublin Vélib Bikes at the Pavilons Shopping Centre in Dunleary, Fishermans Cottage at Bulloch Harbour, A Chevy Bel Aer Gas Guzzler of an American Car that the Fishermen were showing off in Bulloch Harbour.


The Jolly Crank said...

Looks like a pleasant afternoon! How far is the other side of the bay from where you live? That Sam Beckett Bridge sure is a beaut! It looks sunnier than its namesake, I tell you what.

I just read a book about the tragedy of the Irish Civil War and some the places it mentioned I've seen photos of on your blog!

l' homme au velo said...

I go a shorter Route now than Years ago that takes some of the distance off. I can go through Fairview Park on the Cycle Lane then over the East Link Bridge to Sandymount then on to Blackrock and Dunleary. You could not do this 15 Years ago but have to go into Town first then along the Liffy.
I would say about 10 Miles or 15 K to Dunleary. Did you ever see a Picture of the Man Sam Beckett, Waiting for Godot he is a bit Crumpled all right together with Milo O' Shea. The Bridge is supposed to be like the Irish Harp some say. We had a not very good Summer it was not Cold but Cloudy and Wet sometimes. So any time the Weather was good on those odd Days we tended to make the most of it. It was good up to July then went South.

The Civil War was Tragic right up to the last moment Michael Collins Remonstrated with his former Friends, he even went to see them in the Four Courts before things started up and it was Shelled. I am glad you are finding the Blog interesting with Regard to Places in the Civil War.