15 September 2009

Cyclist Killed on Wellington Quay Dublin this Morning by Artic Truck.

A 51 Year Old Male Cyclist Knocked down and Killed by Articulated Truck at 8.20am on Wellington Quay in Dublin this Morning He Died on way to St Jame's Hospital. The Truck was on a Straight Road and According to the Picture seems to have been caught between a Parked Hi Ace style Van and the Artic Truck.I dont know the Details so I am only Surmising that this Happened I do not know who was at Fault .These Trucks are supposed to be Banned from the City now since they put in the Port Tunnel several Years ago with the Exception of a couple going to the Major Shops with a Permit. It rarely happens now that a Cyclist is Killed so this makes it all the more Tragic. Story Courtesy of the http//www.rtenews.ie Web Site. The Road was blocked for several Hours and Traffic Diverted and is now Opened.

Cyclists be careful out there especially Newbies,until the Dublin City Council puts in a Safe Infrastructure of Dedicated Cycle Lanes and when Drivers Learn to share the Road with other Vulnerable Users we have to be Vigilant and look to our Left for Doors Opening and to our Right for Clumsy Motorists not seeing us. Watch Especially at Corners for Traffic turning,do not be Tempted to rush past them as it could be fatal. My Extreme Condolences to the Family of This Man that got Killed this Morning.


Paul Simms said...

R.I.P. to the rider, and condolences to his family.

How many more lives must be lost and torn apart before our respective governments act?

Show the prats in suits that we mean business, vote Green.

l' homme au velo said...

The thing is ,I only Heard a small little Piece about this on the RTE News at about 10 am and then no more it was about 5 Seconds long. I looked up their Site and found that Picture and a small little piece about it and no more.

It shows that A Cyclists getting Knocked down does not rate much as a News Item merely 5 Seconds long. It was not on the 6pm Evening News nothing at all. An awful lot of Cycle Riders in London getting Killed Lately mostly Women,same problem HGV's cutting them off usually at corners. Thanks Paul for Comment

Adrienne Johnson said...

Eyes open and feet on the pedals. Keep safe, my friends!

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Adrienne, There was an Article in the Irish Times and also the Belfast Telegraph same thing only a few Words in each Newspaper.