13 August 2009

The Community Bike Workshop,Broadstone Ave Dublin

I joined the Dublin Cycling Campaign Group ,D.C.C. to get involved in Trying to Provide a Better Safer Infrastructure for Cyclists in Dublin back in June on our National Bike Week in Ireland. They get involved with Lobbying various Government Departments like Dublin City Council and the Department of Transport,Irish Rail/Irnrod Eireann and have strong Links with other Groups in Ireland like the Cork Cycling Group and the Galway one as well as having Links with the ECF in Brussels and also Sustrans in Britain.

Also they go to various Festivals throughout Ireland to Promote Bicycle Advocacy. Two of these are the Cool Earth Festival in Dunlaoghaire and also the Electric Picnic which is getting Held in Stradbally Shortly,the Music Festival. At our meeting the other Night various Ideas were being considered to Promote the Dublin Cycling Campaign Group at The Electric Picnic Pop Festival and one of the Members Suggested a Furry Bicycle and Helmet.

I had an Old Folding Bike and I suggested she could use that and also an Old Helmet,She said that would be Great if I could drop it off at the Bike Workshop. People give them battered Old Bikes and they do them up and sell them to the Local Community also People get their Bikes fixed at the Workshop.

So I put the Folding Bike an Old Dahon in it's Bag on the Front Carrier of my Dutch Bike with some Bungee Chord Tying it to my Bike and Set off to the Broadstone. I would Love to see what the Bike looks like after She Pimps it up with Furry Stuff.
If you go to the Electric Picnic you will be able to see the Results.

The Pics, my Dutch Bike and the Folding Bike,A Chopper Style Bike,The Garage Workshop and the Girl who Runs it.

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