08 August 2009

August Bank Holiday Monday,Trip to Howth.Two Sunken Trawlers in the Harbour.

I was Bored Stiff last Monday Week so I took a Spin out to Howth as it was a Lovely Warm Sunny Day. We have had a lot of Rain on and off for Three Weeks so it would be a Pity to Waste a Fine Summers Day.

I got out to Howth and I noticed the Two Trawlers that had Sunk a few Days before nothing had been done with them. There was an Awful Pong of Diesel Fuel coming up from the Waterside,and there was a Boom in Place to stop the Pollution from Spreading. The Police are Treating this with Suspicion as a possible case of Vandalism or Deliberate Sabotage.

The Fishing Industry is in a Bad way now Due to Cuts in the Fishing Quota and more Boat's have been Ordered to be Sold or Broken up by the EU. Fishing Boats are Hard to Sell now as few People want them and the Fishermen are Angry at the Government and the EU. When Ireland Joined the EU they were just getting a 200 Mile Fishing Limit and that was Thrown out when we Joined the EEC. We have one of the Smallest Quota's but we had the Fish back then but thing's are different now with Reduced Catches. Before I went Home I Bought some Fish from Doran's the Fish Merchants on the Pier . It is a whole lot Cheaper getting it of these Fish Mongers than Buying it in the Supermarkets and you get Beautiful Fresh Fish

A Pic of King George iv Footprints Etched in the Granite on the West Pier when he Paid a Visit back in 1821.
Seals about 200 Metres from the Sunken Trawlers,People Feed them with Fish they buy from the Fishmongers and the Seagull's Swoop down to Rob it out of their Mouths

my Raleigh Bike on the West Pier.

On the Way Home at Saint Annes Housing Estate on the Howth Road Raheny ,beside Saint Annes Parklands Formerly the Housing area was part of the Parklands where the Old Big Landed Gentries House was
The Sunken Trawlers.

The Lighthouse on the East Pier.

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