17 August 2009

Dublin Cycle Campaign,Social Cycle, Royal Canal Way & Farmleigh.

It was a very Windy Changeable Day Although not Cold it looked like it might Rain with the occasional Drop coming down every so often. We Assembled at the Arch in the IFSC,Financial Services Centre beside the CHQ Building in ST Georges Dock at 11 am on Sunday Morning. We Waited to see if some more Stragglers would turn up until 11.20 am and then headed off. There was 13 and one Toddler on His Fathers Bike on His Lap. Our Leader and Pathfinder on the Tour was a Norwegian Chap with a Map and Book of the Towpath System who Lives in Dublin for Years .Before we where out of the IFSC one Member had to have his Tyre blown up a bit, I provided the Pump.The Rear Entrance was Blocked so we had to Exit by Amiens St then headed up the Nth Strand Road and Accessed the Royal Canal at Charleville Mall.

We Encountered these Barriers that the Dublin City Council put across the Path every so often to keep the Yobs from Driving on the Towpath. These are 10 metre Wide with a narrow Gate for Pedestrians to Access but no use for Bikes. There are Four ways to get through, Climb over them, Climb under,Try and Squeeze through the Pedestrian Gate,go to the Canal side and Lift the Bike around on the Water part. Some Parts of the Path Had Large Gravelly Stones or Hardcore and was Slippy in Parts ,while other Parts they had put down a very Smooth Surface for Bikes. I was glad my Raleigh Bike had Puncture Resistant Tyres. Two of the Cyclists had Bromptons the Norwegian and another Man ,the Stones did not seem to bother them to much.

It was lovely Travelling along the Towpath without the Hassle of Cars competing with you,and the Swans and Ducks and Water Hens Swimming by. We Ended up in The Grounds of Farmleigh beside and part of the Phoenix Park, The Former Guinness Family Mansion now Owned by the Government as a Place for Foreign Dignitaries to Stay in. But open to the Public on certain Days. There was the Farmers Market with all kinds of Food Stalls, so we got something to Eat and Drink and then had a Picnic and those with Sandwiches and Bickies shared them around. There was a Band Playing in the Marquee and some of us had a look at the Walled Garden with its Organic Vegetables. A very Pleasant Day out was had by all, very Enjoyable.

Pictures are ,Assembling at the IFSC Beside the Custom House Nth Wall Dublin, The Walled Garden at Farmleigh, Picnicking at Farmleigh,Parking the Bikes under the Tree, The Towpath on the Canal, Looking down at The M50 Motorway at Castleknock Road En Route to the Phoenix Park.

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