14 August 2009

New Vélib and Dublins Lack of Bike Parking.

The Pictures below are some of the New Vélib Parking Stations on Exchequer Street. Notice they have narrowed the Road Width and the many Parking Stanchions in Place for the Vélib also the Lack of Bike Parking Stands for Ordinary Bikes,they are all Clumped up together Peoples Bikes.

I hope this is not the Future Policy of Dublin City Council to ignore Ordinary Street Bike Parking in Favour of the Vélib, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul as it were. We have not enough Bike Parking as it is in Dublin we do not need this. Notice how they were able to narrow the Road ,they could have put in a proper Dedicated Bike Lane here before this instead of Pandering to Motorists.

Pic's are ,Vélib Parking Stations on Exchequer Street,Chinese Flying Pigeon Bike on Merrion Row 2 Pics, Pashly Bike on Grafton St Saint Stephen 's Green Corner.


ianworthy said...

yeah I noticed, by the Capel St bridge, several bike locking racks were actually removed to make on of their fancy stations. Heaven forbid that they remove two car parking spaces to make space.

btw there is a Dublin Cycling Campaign meeting this Monday night at 7pm on Smock Alley Cafe, Essex St, but you probably know already.

l' homme au velo said...

Good Evening Ian,you are the first Irish Person to reply to this Blog so far it is People from Overseas mostly,Britain Netherlands America Germany so far. I have noticed on someone Else's Blog either David Hembrow's or Amsterdamiz.com that they removed Car Spaces to put in Cycle Parking. I dont think they will do this in Dublin.
Yes I seen it on the DC Campaign Blog Site and I also got an E Mail Thanks very much.
Have you heard about the Dublin Critical Mass that is being set up for the End of September, I think it is going to be on Friday the 25th at 6.30pm Rendezvous at St Stephens Green ,all are welcome.

l' homme au velo said...

I actually mentioned about them Dublin City Council not possibly putting in more Cycling Parking for ordinary Bikes at one of the DCC meetings,instead favouring the Vélib.