04 April 2009

P1010130Two Police Girls on their Bikes.

Mikael on Copenhagenize . com mentioned the New Police Bicycle Unit in Copenhagen just Inaugerated for the First time.

Here are two Members of the Garda Siochana /pronounced She au Kawna/ Bicycle Unit in the Irish Police Force. We have these for a few Years now.there are not many of them but they do an Excellent Job and go Places a Patrol Car and Foot Patrol cant go.

Pity we have such a Lousy Cycling Infrastructure of very Dangerous Narrow Cycle Paths. The Police never bother to stop Motorists from Parking or Driving on the Cycle Lanes it is all a very Token Cycling Infrastructure. On the Cycle Lanes the Motorists never keep the Regulation 3 Feet away from Cyclists and you can also be Doored when the Cars are Parked alongside these so called Cycle Lanes.


Philip said...

great pictures, should be more of them on bikes you see so much more

le homme au velo said...

Thanks Phillip,But they do not look after the Interests of Cyclists at all. Ireland is still to Motorist Centric just like the UK. Not one Police Person have I seen ever Ticket Motorists for Parking or Driving on Cycle Lanes. There is more People than ever Getting back on Bikes,but the Government is not Supporting them by making Cycling Safer.