30 April 2009

The National Gallery of Art ,Merrion Square Dublin

I visited the Galley on Friday Last to View an Exhibition of the Irish Artist Thomas Roberts.

He Specialised in Landscapes of the Great Houses of the Landed Gentry in Ireland in the 18 th Century. He usually Portrayed the Dukes and Lords with their Wives Promenading around their Estates either Walking or in their Carraiges. It is a Sad fact of most Artists that most of them Nearly all have Died Young as was the case with this Chap ,Who Died at the Age of 28 of Tuberculosis. In his last Year he went off to Portugal to try and improve His Health but to no avail. He Produced 66 Paintings in his short Career of Painting of 8 Years. The Exhibition Shows his Paintings as well as two of Robert Mullins His Tutor as well as another Chap by the Name of Carver.

This is a fine Gallery which Contains a Huge Collection of Old Masters,Dutch,Flemish,Italian Renaissance,and Impressionist as well as Irish Artists. It is not very Big but you can Spend two Hours or more looking at all the Art and it is Free Admission Except sometimes they have Exhibitions on Loan from Overseas that they have to Charge to get in to see.

Here are some of the Paintings from their Brochure, Picasso Still Life with Mandolins 2ndflr in the Dargan Wing, Mainie Jellett Irish in Millennium Wing 1fst flr, Jack B Yeats Yeats Museum Grd flr.

The Taking of Christ Caravaggio 2nd Flr. The Gleaners Poor People picking up the Waste Wheat Jules Breton 2 flr Dargan Wing. Woman Writing with Servant Vermeer 2nd Flr Milltown Wing.


Lynn said...

I have been to Dublin 10 times and haven't yet been to the National Gallery of Art! I must bring my daughter there when we go again this summer. Nice to know about the bike parking in case we rent bikes that day.

le homme au velo said...

Hello Lynn,There is not many Spaces around 8 -10 there is usually a few spaces vacant. They had another Bike Parking Rack left on the Roof of the Shed for some Reason.

They sometimes let you draw Pictures in there if you ask them and they also let Children Draw as well. Unfortunately I could not take any Pictures inside they do not like you doing that I suppose in case you try and Forge a few Pictures.

As you know the Park is across the Road from the Gallery ,so you can Enjoy the Air after being inside if you have the time.

You can see the Paintings that the General Martin Cahill Robbed Years ago from Russborough House ( The Taking of Christ by Canneragio) and (The Letter Writer by Rembrant)

The Hugh Lane Gallery ,Formerly Lord Charlemonts House on Parnell Square is also very interesting some Impressionists and Old Masters as well as Irish Paintings .

le homme au velo said...

Sorry I made a istake , it is not Rembrant The Letter Writer was Painted by Vermeer.

The Canneragio was not Stolen by Martin Cahil but was found in some Monastery .it was over the Mantlepiece above the Refectory and the Priests did not know how Valuable it was . So it eventually finally Ended up in The National Gallery.

There is a Painting of a Spanish Lady dressed in Black with a Veil by Goya upstairs in the Gallery this was one of those Stolen by the General together with the Vermeer.

I forget which other Paintings was involved in the Hoist but they are in the Gallery as well.