07 April 2009

Bringing in the Sheaves,Bringing in the Sheaves.

It is that time of the Year again,when Spring has Sprung.

I was down in the Blackbanks Garden Centre in Raheny on Sunday and got some Veggies to Grow. It was a Toss up between Cabbage and Peas,As I have Grown Cabbages Before I thought I would try the Peas.

As I am always Ateing Cabbage I decided on the Peas ,Peas are very Nice to Eat and the Cabbage you get sometimes does not Taste nice.
So I got Tomatoes and a Tray of Peas. I think there is around 12 Peas Plants in little Trays.

I will still have to Dig the Bloody Garden it is a Tad overgrown. I still have Organic Potatoes that keep coming up so I have to be careful I dont Damage them,it will be a big Job. I dont know what the Peas Plants are Named. But the Tomatos are, Moneymaker, Tumbler,and are also good for growing in Hanging Baskets. I have the Tomatos inside my Back Windows on the Ground Floor. Have to save a few Bob or two on Veggies during the Recession,it is more Healthier to growing your own.


theurbancyclist said...

I thought about getting some cabbage but I don't know what to use them for other than soup and I was a bit wary rabbits may like them. I have peas instead, which I have successfully grown. I see you got some pea plants which makes life easier. I have to grow them from seed so it means a long bloody wait!

le homme au velo said...

I grew loads of stuff Years ago when after I moved in to my Present House. Courgettes under Plastlc,Iceberg Lettuce,Cabbage and Potato.
I found the Greyhound and Sweetheart Cabbage to be the Nicest,just Boil until Tender for about Ten Minutes or Less and Serve with Boiled Potato. The Cabbage White Butterfly can be a Nuisance,but it never bothered my Cabbages very much. I tried Peas before but they Withered aftered growing a few Inches from Seed.
I was a couple of Hours Digging up the Growing Area Today,15ft+ 4Ft and I Dug up a Load of Potatoes in Varying Sizes from Average to Pebble Size some were already Chitting.

I am not Satisfied that I have got Rid of Enough Weeds so I will have to Dig over again Tomorrow if it does not Rain,then I will put the Peas in and also somePotatoes if Chitted enough.
I mentioned I have Loads of Seeds including Peas and Cabbage but I am a bit wary as they have been Lying around for a few Years past the Date and might have gone off hence the Pea Plants. I also extended the Growing Area by 5ft + 4ft. Thank for the Comments.

The Jolly Crank said...

The pea shoots themselves are good to eat, lightly sauteed, but it's best to wait for the peas! I keep meaning to cultivate a backyard veggie garden, but don't ever seem to have the time and I keep getting busier! Good luck this season to you, Jack!

le homme au velo said...

Thanks Jolly Crank,I got Lazy for a long time and just did not bother with the Garden . I got Seeds and never got Round to do any Growing of Vegetbles
.One Year I put down a Garden Geranium which has turned into a spreading Weed, so I had Great Fun trying to get Rid of Weeds of all sorts. I do not put Weed Killer down of any sort,I like to keep things Organic. I like my Food Natural otherwise what is the point of Growing your own.

I am Sore Today from all that Digging Yesterday. Also it Rained during the Night and we can expect more Rain Today . So I may or may not do more Digging Today.

It is now Thursday and the Peas are already Growing in the Trays,there is like 16 Plants I will have to Plant them soon. Thanks for the Comments.