30 April 2009

Hybrid Hardtail,Commuter Bike

Ever since I got the Dutch Bike in September 07 I have only been on this Twice since the Azor is so very Comfortable to Ride and is very Smooth.

So I decided to Take it out for a few Spins for a change. I had forgotten why I had hated this Bike now I know why it was the very Sharp Saddle on it. It is alright for 20 minutes into Town and then another 20 Minutes back Home again after 2 - 3 Hours,but not if you were on it for an Hour or two. It is a very light Bike compared to the Dutch Bike and I was able to go faster on it but I found no Appreciable improvement on going uphill Home. I seemed to be more Tired after an Hour or two on this than my Dutch bike. I tried it for two Days and my Backside was very Sore after it for a few Days. So I just got a New Saddle for it when I was in the City at the Weekend. I did not Splurge out a lot as I will not be keeping it for very long. It was just a Cheapish Bike I got for Work about six Years ago and I had a few problems with it. First to go was the Saddle Screw,I was cycling along one Day when I felt the Saddle being Loose under me .I stopped to Investigate and the Saddle fell off the Bike. The Screw was made out of a Light Metal,so I got a Screw from an Old Bike I had in the Shed.

The Next Problem was the Rear Hub on the Bike Loosened one Day so I tightened it up. I eventually Tightened it a few times over the course of a few weeks. Then one Day it went really bad and I just could not tigten it anymore so I had to get it Fixed in my Local Bike Shop. The Man said the Parts he put in were better Quality than the Original one's. I would have been better off getting a good Quality Second Hand Bike in the first Place.

It is fine now,it has not given me any problems in a few Years and I have had only one Puncture so far in the front Wheel.

I wanted to Evaluate it if I was Touring ,would it be suitable for the long Haul. I dont think so ,I would want something I could be comfortable with. So I will have to get a Decent Quality Touring Bike in the near Future.It has Suspension in the Front and none in the Back and it is a Cross between a Mountain Bike and a Road Bike Ergo Hardtail Hybrid with Straight Handlebars and fairly Decent Tyres. Though the Tyres are never really Hard but with a bit of give in them and I am forever checking to see if they are Hard enough. A big Contrast with the Schwalbe Marathons Hard Tyres on my Azor.

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