02 February 2012

Bike Radio.

  I  have an old Bike Radio lying around  that I have not used in years. It was just too awkward and annoying and kept getting bashed off the Bike. There are a few bits missing off it like the Lense and a bit of Rubber off a switch. I would say it is about 20 years old. It is quite Clunky about 20cm long or 8 inches  by 10cm or 4 inches high by 10cm or 4 inches wide.I have bits and pieces of all sorts to do with bikes in the House mostly Junk .


Ryan said...

I was going to try adding something like that to my bike.

My only issues were
1. Noise. Traffic whizzing by made it difficult to hear the radio.

2. Theft. It might be a paranoid thing, but I think it would be stolen.

Does the light on yours work still?

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Ryan,the last time I used this was probably in 1995.It was OK on Country Roads but in the City it looked a bit ridiculous as it was so Chunky and the noise was irritating after awhile.

It was forever falling off the Bike and bits coming off it. I seem to have lost the Bracket that goes on the Bike that you attach the Radio too,also the Lense seems to be lost. It should still work though as the Bulb is there. It takes two Chunky Batteries I think C Batteries.

Because it is Chunky ,if you stop at a Shop you have to bring it with you ,so awkward .