13 February 2012

Le Printemp c'est arrive á Dublin en L'Irlande

Blackrock Station/Le gare Blackrock

Cycle Parking at the Station/Prochaine  á le gare, velo parking
At end of Blackrock Park/Haute de le parc Blackrock

Cycleways Bike Shop on Parnell St,

Girl undoing her Bike Lock on Parnell St

O'Connell St Dublin at 5.15pm

Careful Cyclist.

Prix du essence sans plumb litre €1.59.9 prix diesel€1.55.9 tré cher  Chute le voiture et achat un velo/Unleaded Petrol €1.59.9 Diesel€1. 55.9 a litre, very dear dump the Car and buy a Bicycle.

Jai achat un nouveau track pump dans le solde en Cycleways/bought a new Track Pump in Cycleways

Le cinq Lumiere á Strand du nord/The five Lamps in Nth Strand

Jai Achat le poisson en dublin et porte dans le sac bleau sur le rack baggage/ Bought Fish in Dublin and kept it on the Carrier in the blue bag

Le poisson culin pour diner./ Cod Fish for dinner

Poisson et Vegetal Grillade pour diner/ Fish and grilled Vegetables for Dinner

Parc Fairview et les 'hommes   joue le match du foot semaine hebdomadaire/Fairview Park  where  men  play Soccer every weekend.

Parc Blackrock Printemp/Blackrock Park Springtime 

Handy little Allyway nice shortcut/Le passeralle haute de la Parc Blackrock

La gare Blackrock Haute de la Passeralle 

Chemin du velo Blackrock/Cycleway Blackrock

Monument au 19th sicle commemore  le Jubilee la regne Victoria, Ville Dunlaoghaire/ 19th Century Queen Victoria Jubilee Monument Dunlaoghaire,formerly Kingstown before Independence for 100 years then changed back to its original name.

Parc du peuple, ville  Dunlaoghaire/the Peoples Park Dunlaoghaire

Atelier Velo reparation Parc du Peuple ville Dunlaoghaire/Bicycle  Repairman  and  Seller ,Dunlaoghaire Peoples Park

Port du Pesche Bulloch, ville du Dalky/ Bulloch Harbour Dalky

Port du Pesche Bulloch ville du Dalky/ Bulloch Harbour Dalky 

L'Irlande ne pas souffere le grande froid du L'Europe ,le meteo tré ambiente et calme temps 8c ou 10c per jour  et 4c ou 6c per nuit. Dimanche jai voyage vers le bai du dublin  sur mon velo á Dalky. In Ireland we did not suffer the terrible Cold like the rest of Europe .It was grand very mild ,temps were 8c to 10c in the Daytime and around 4c to 6c at night. I went off for a spin around Dublin Bay today Sunday to Bulloch Harbour Dalky.


Trevor said...

Nice series of images Jack...thanks for sharing these with us.


l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Trevor,sharp breeze on the Bike you could feel the chill in your legs and feet but I soon got warm.

Ryan said...

I hear Dublin's public bike system is doing quite well!

Love the last picture with the dog!

Temperatures have been quite nice over here this year. January and February we usually see temperatures around -10C and then add on a wind chill to make it -20C. This year however we've been lucky to hit 0C, as it has been so mild. Only one day of snow so far!

l' homme au velo said...

Hello Ryan,There was some criticism when the Bike Hire Scheme was proposed and the Councillor John Montague now the Mayor of Dublin had a hard fight from the Anti Bike pro Motorist Councillors and Car Lobby to get it up and running. There is only 400 Bikes but a Million Subscribers and they are constantly being used. The criticism was that they would be Vandalised and stolen but none were. They are going to get more Bikes and go further out with them.

Our Weather last year was terrible ,it was nearly as bad as Canada with -10C and -15C the same as Europe we never get it that cold. This year it was terrible on the Continent but we escaped it and it was like a normal winter for us. Some nights got some -1 or -3 C but that was it,some Snow up in Donegal for a couple of days which melted during the day. All the while Europe froze with -20 or -30 C.