23 February 2012

Social outing with Dublin Cycling Campaign Sunday 19th feb 2012

We met up at the IFSC St Georges Dock Nth Wall Quay at 11 AM//Rassemblement  au  IFSC Dock St Georges, Quay du mur nord  11am

A few turned up at 11 so we waited for a quarter of an hour and sure enough more began turning up.

We stopped for a while at Grand Canal Basin Hanover Quay/Le group reste pour meme minutes á Bassin Grand Canal,Quay Hanover.

New Cycleway along the Grand Canal  Dublin./Le Chemin du velo nouveau  Canal du Grand   á Dublin

We Assembled at the IFSC on St Georges Dock at 11am on a nice crisp Sunday morning on the first Social Cycle of the Dublin Cycling campaign of the Year. The DCC promotes Cycling Advocacy in Dublin  and is Affiliated to the other Cycling Groups in Ireland under the banner of cyclist .ie and has connections with the ECF  The European Cyclist Federation and other International Cycling organisations. We headed off on the New Cycle way from East Wall to Portobello Rathmines. There is still some work going on before it is finished ,like fixing the Cycling Traffic lights and some Drainage work .

It was a nice leisurely Cycle ,Slow Cycling at its best in friendly company with everyone chatting away. There was all types of Cyclists from the Lycra clad to the ordinary Cyclists in normal Clothes and Dutch Bikes ,Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes,City Bikes, Families with Children.The majority of Cyclists did not wear Helmets,Le Grand majorite du Cyclists ne pas porte les casque plastique,tré bien. It was only a short spin of about 10KM or 7miles. We reached Rathmines and then turned back and stopped off at the Barge Public House and had some Coffees to relax .


Ryan said...

That new cycle way looks amazing! What did it look like before?

It appears things are progressing quite well in Dublin with regards to cycling!

l' homme au velo said...

Where the Woman in White top is riding was always a quiet stretch on the public Road. But you would have to go on the left side of the Canal once you reached Leeson Street Bridge, Now this Cycleway allows you to go on the right side for about 5km.It was always nice along the Canal and this is an added bonus. I do not know what way the Bicycle Traffic lights at the Junctions of the Bridges will pan out.

I hope they do not favour Motorists too much and give them too much priority. This Cycleway starts again at Inchcore for around 15 KM as far as Lucan. Hopefully according to their Plans there will be a continuous Cycleway for 300km or 200miles as far as the Shannon River in the west,if they ever get round to it. I would have preferred if they put a Cycleway right threough the middle of the City instead of this circuitous one. In the East wall section they ran into problems with the Locals who objected to a new Bridge over the Tolka , they thought the City Council was pulling a fast one to do with the Railway and Roads. It is to complicated to explain all the Machinations but some sort of result will be worked on hopefully.

Apart from this Cycleway which was planned some years ago not much happening as far as new ones being built or new infrastructure.

Ganesha said...

muy bueno el blog

l' homme au velo said...

Bienvenudo Ganesha,Muchos Gratias por la response.

Kendi said...

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l' homme au velo said...

Thank you Kendi,it started as a bit of fun describing what I get up to as regards Cycling and so it continues.