30 January 2012

Cycle Café Fade Street and other bits of Cycling stuff.

Some Photo's of the new Cycle Café on Fade Street the first in Dublin . Run by the Rothar group who recycles Bicycles and also repairs Bikes, Rothar means Bicycle  in  Gaelic. .The Workshop downstairs in Cycle Café. A Vandalised Bike on Fade Street beside a Dutch Bear Bike. Two Pictures of a Postman on Merrion Road with his Postbike not many Postmen on Bikes left in Dublin now. A Dutch Babboe Bike outside the Library in Ringsend,Three Wheeler.   My Dawes Audax getting its Tyres checked they were flat but not Punctured,I just hadt to pump them up. I had not used the Bike in a few Months. Two pictures of a Bike Parking ring on Mary Street Dublin,these are relatively new.


Trevor said...

A nice series of images...thanks for sharing with us.


Carolyn said...

Yeh! Good to see you back in action. Hopefully you've had a good year of cycling.

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Trevor.

Hi Carolyn .Something happened the I Mac when I was moving stuff around ,I must have bumped it and lost the Internet connection. This is on a small Netbook ,very neat and half the weight and size of a Laptop. I had some group rides which were great but most were on my own. The best thing about on my own is I can take my time and no need to rush.The Weather has been mild so far this Winter but for at least a week it might be some snow for the first time this Winter.