30 March 2010

The way of Health.

Last Week the Weather was very Mild for Saint Patrick's Weekend ,People were able to use Tee Shirts it was so Warm. Now this Week with the Change of the Clock's to Summertime it is back to the Winter with Sleet and Rain and the Weather gone very Cold.

I had an Electricity Bill to pay but did not want to leave the House it was so bad . So reluctantly I put on my Pull up Wet Weather Trousers and my Gore Tex Jacket and my Waterproof Avenir Bike Gloves and got out my Trek Bike intending to only go to the Post Office in the Supermarket as quick as I could then back Home. I paid the Bill and got outside and decided to go for a Spin around the Clontarf Coast inspite of the Rain. I ended up on Bull Island watching the Ships coming in. This is a favourite Walking and Cycling Area for Dubliners and the only really Decent Area for Cycling on the Coastal Cycleway from Clontarf Railway Bridge out to Sutton and then Howth.

Pics are The Wooden Bridge out to Bull Island Dollymount, My Bike on the Promonade, Stena Line Ferries leaving and arriving in Dublin Port,one Ferry bringing in Bikes for the Chain Halfords in a Container on the Stern.People walking on the Promonade. One Cyclist on the Cycleway at Sutton . Various Signs promoting Cycling and Walking with the Words in Gaelic Slí Na Sláinte The Way of Health. Pics of Saint Annes Parkland. I was actually glad I went for a spin on my Bike very Invigorating,I warmed up very quickly. It is truthfully the way of Health Cycling Slí Na Sláinte .


Ryan said...

Looks really nice there. I enjoy watching the large cargo ships coming into the city during the summer time here.

In the last picture, I like how it says
'Pedestrians, please be aware of cyclists'.
Usually it is the other way around, cyclists be aware of pedestrians.

Weather has been really strange. A few weeks ago we had temperatures at around 15C. Last week they were around 5C.
Starting tomorrow, until Sunday we'll be having daytime highs of 20-25C, which is really rare this time of year...Those are July & August temperatures.

l' homme au velo said...

As I said it was miserable with Rain and Sleet all Morning. I had to pay the Bill,so a quick Dart down to my nearest Post Office which is about 1 1/2 km away then back Home. But once I came out of the Supermarket decided to go for a Spin to basically Tone up and after 2 Hours the Sun began to Shine.

We have a large Parkland belonging to a former Great House of the Nobility Saint Anne's Estate long since Burned down back in 1920 - 30ties and only the Red Stables and Clock Tower remains together with the Famous Rose Gardens. It is a favourite Spot for Dog Walkers ,People with Children,Cyclists, Bird Watchers and anybody else. It Dominates the Area of Clontarf and Raheny. It is very nice to go Cycling there and I decided to go through it on my way Home and the Pedestrians beware Sign is on the front Gate at Sybil Hill Road.

In Ireland we get a lot of Weather from the Atlantic depending on what way the Wind is blowing. It can be either good or bad,if from the North then Polar,the South very Warm,the East Rain,the West Stormy.

workbike said...

Nice pictures, although it looks a bit damp. Good on you for going out anyway.

You've reminded me that I miss the sea...

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Workbike. That is the Point it was miserable earlier on and when I finally went out it was stopping Rain.

It was just dull and Damp for a long time. When I was going Home through the Park the Sun was Shining a bit.

It was not so bad once I left the House.

anna said...

I like the "Pedestrians be aware of cyclists" sign. Would be necessary in many places here too, because the cycle lanes and paths are not marked properly and always leads to confusion (pedestrians often think that cyclists illegally ride on the sidewalk and deliberately block them).

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Anna .It is a Parkland so no white lines or Cycle Lanes unlike the Phoenix Park to the West of the Metropolitan Area of the City Centre which has some Cycle Paths through it. St Annes Park is a Popular Area for People Walking their Dogs with and without Leads. A lot of People bring their Children Cycling through it as well and sometimes they have a Tendency to Wander all over the Place so you have to give them plenty of Notice.

Our Cycle Lanes are like yours with People Walking on them and those shared use Paths are even worse ,People just ignore the signs and walk all over them. They are all mostly to narrow anyway,it is unfair on the Cyclists and Pedestrians. They should narrow the Roads and put in decent Cycle Lanes but it is hard to push this through the various Pro Car Lobby Councils there is always a Fight to bring in changes.