13 April 2010

Trip to the Wicklow Gap,beside Tonglegee Mountain Sunday 11th April

It was fine Summery Weather on Sunday so I took a Spin on Mr Trek out to the Wicklow Mountains and up to the Wicklow Gap 470 Metres above Sea Level. I had to walk up a Mountain Road beside the Sugarloaf Mountain outside Kilmacanogue for around two Hours. I passed through Glendalough and stopped for two Sandwiches and a Drink of Water before Walking 9 K up to the Gap beside Tonglegee Mountain. I was trying to get passed the Gap before Nightfall. I reached the Gap before 900pm just as the Sun was going down and I took a few Pictures before heading on to Hollywood Village and then Blessington then Tallaght and the Lights of Dublin City then Home at 3.00am. A Grand Total of around 70 - 80 Miles. It was Pitch Black on these Country Roads no Lights at all. I had to use the Yellow Dashes of the Hard Shoulder and the White Lines in the Centre of the Road as a guide because it was so Dark.I went through several Pot Holes I just did not see them in the Dark and I just hoped I did not Crock up my Wheel. The only Lights were when you got to a Village or Town.
Pics are The Dargle River outside Bray, Mountain Road you could get the Coconut Smell of the Yellow Gorse sort of like Hair Oil at the side of the Road marvelous , The Sugarloaf Mountain A lot of People were walking up this Mountain, Roundwood Church, Roses Tea Rooms the Cyclists Tea rooms Annamoe Village,me at the Wicklow Gap, someone took Pot Shots at this Sign, Saint Kevins Way and a little ruined Church, very Friendly Goat Monsiur Chevaux It let me Pet it on the Head. Loads of Cyclists in the Mountains on Racing Bikes and one on a Recumbent. There is a Cycle Race around Glendalough on the 17th of April.


Ryan said...

Looked like it was pretty peaceful!

I remember when I was living in northern Ontario about 11 years ago (before my biking days), I was out with a friend and we were driving to the next town.
The weather was terrible, complete whiteout conditions. And that is when I was taught to follow the shoulder to navigate your way through the storm. Never really thought about doing it for darker conditions.

The only goats I know of in this area, are in this animal sanctuary about 6 km from me. I love going there in the summer to see them. Extremely friendly, though always looking for food! Perhaps I'll head out that way tomorrow and check on them!

l' homme au velo said...

These Roads are narrow for the most part about 5 metres wide and the hard Shoulders are only about 3-5inches with no Paths with high Hedges Bordering Fields. I could not see the actual Road very well and went through several Pot Holes. You need very good Lights not just adequate ones that you use in the City. I seen a Local on his Bike,he was an Old Guy but he had two front Lights and two Rear Lights.

Very few People actually Cycle in the Countryside they mostly use Cars. I really appreciated the Stars you can never really see them very well in the City,they were magnificent as it was so Dark.

I took one Picture of the Goat and I thought it might Run off but it did not. Afterwards it came over to me and I was able to Pat it on the Head. These Goats are mostly Wild living on the Mountains. A few Weeks ago you would not be able to come up here because of the Snow or Ice.

Anonymous said...

Interesting detail on the yellow diamond signs. Doesn't Ireland follow the European norms?

Beautiful story, thanks for sharing...

Ryan said...

I don't live a very large city, however it's always amazing when I'm further out in the country and you can see the stars much clearer.

I think back in 2003, the entire Northeastern USA and southern Ontario was hit with a blackout.
Everyone kept commenting on how they could see the stars!

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Workbike,do you mean the Bullet Holes in the sign. There is two Army Shooting Ranges on the Wicklow Mountains ,The Glen of Imall and the other is Glenmalure and there is another private one in Kilpedder not to far away. This is Illegal not allowed as it is a Public area. I am not sure about European NormsI just Ride a Bike now since 1986 all the time and do not have a Car.

Ryan in my back Garden you can see the Stars quite well but it is not the same as being in the Countryside,to much Light Spill.

The Nearest would be the Phoenix Park to see the Stars anyway decent in the City. I remember the Lights going out in the USA and Canada they share the same Grid between them. This area in Wicklow is rather like Scotland or Yorkshire after the Kerry Mountains these are the next highest in Ireland very well worth a Visit. You can also go Mountain Trekking on Foot through the Mountains on the Wicklow Way it is a way Marked Path System through the Mountains and it is not as Dangerous as Mountain Climbing. A lot of Tourists come from all over the World to Trek the Hills.

Anonymous said...

I meant the yellow of the sign- the design looks more American or Australian that the usual red border with a circle or triangle.

l' homme au velo said...

We have those as well,these signs on the Mountainside are probably the Old signs that have not been removed.

They have replaced the Cul De Sac signs with a kind of a Red T sign now but you still come across some Old Cul De Sac signs in out of the way Areas. We are usually last to change the Road signs after the rest of Europe,some signs are different to ours in the UK.