28 April 2010

Cycling Bit's & Bob's.The Week.

Nice Photo of an Ad Promoting Cycling by Dublin City Council on a Bus Stop Shelter.My Dutch Bike Gerty Loaded up ready to go Home from The Supermarket Tesco's Artaine Castle Artane.

Picture of My Groceries which contained Three Chickens,Toilet Rolls,Bread ,Croissants, Bottle of Wine Le Tugets from Gascogne The Gers, Jar of Blackcurrant Jam to put on the Croissants, Flora Buttery Margarine,Bottle of Don Carlos Olive Oil, Cabbage, Turnip Swede, Oranges Grapes,Potato's I forget the rest but it was 15 kilo which in English is 30 LBS plus and the Business Community say that Cyclists dont buy much. They buy the same amount of Goods as everybody else.

Arriving Home from the Garden Centre with Vegetable Compost for Growing my Veggies.

On the Shared Cycle Path at Fairview Park always at the Weekend Cars are Parked on the Cycle Path why is this Allowed,they are probably those Playing Football on the Football Pitches in the Park. Why is the Police not Fining them for Parking there it is very low on their Priorities.

Passed by this Puppet Festival in the Park at Jervis Street,this was once the Graveyard of St Marys Church Nearby which was Turned into a Pub and Restaurant, Bronze Bull, Puppet Show , French Puppet Theatre Company,The Wagon from the Puppet Show on RTE Television from the 1960ties to 1975 or so Wanderly Wagon.

Corner of O'Connell Street and Bachelors Walk Dangerous Potholes,I am glad that there are Wide Tyres on my Dutch Bike.I was coming home from my favourite Garden Shop Mr Midleton in Mary Street at the time.

People with a little Pony and Cart with two young Girls on the Cart, They look like a Traveller Family The Irish own Version of the Gypsies . This will be the Fate of Car Drivers when the Oil runs out,back to the Horse and Cart. Or if they have Enough Electricity in the Power Stations to Charge up all those Electric Cars.


Ryan said...

Love the picture at the bus stop. I like how they show a "normal" person.
Usually promotions over here show someone like this:
-younger male
-wearing spandex/lycra
-slumped over on a road/racing bike.

Not too many people park in bike lanes here anymore.
The only exceptions are for a Tim Hortons, where people sit idle in the bike lane waiting for the drive through.

And now with the warmer weather, more people are having yard/garage or church sales. Last Saturday I went out and many people would pull over into the bike lane to go to these sales. What makes this dangerous is when you pass, your forced out into car traffic, which cars behind are more then understanding of bikes moving into the car lane, however "garage salers" focus only on one thing...The sale itself. They never check when opening their doors.

l' homme au velo said...

That is the idea to show Cycling as a normal everyday Activity that can be done in ordinary Clothes without all the Trappings of the Sportif Cyclist. That Frightens People away from Cycling ,it makes it out to be unsafe only indulged by the very few.

There is no Enforcement of the Cycle Lanes to stop the Cars Parking on them or Driving on them. People often stop on them to get a Takeaway from such Places as Domino's Pizza or else Buying Cigarettes or Light Groceries in a Convenience Shop.

In the City we have very bad Cycle Lanes between Parked Cars on one side and the Road on the other and you can get Sandwiched between the two. Cars often encroach onto the Cycle Lane especially in Rush Hour,and you can get Doored by Passengers getting out of Cars. If you keep out to avoid the Doors you can get hit by Road Traffic if you are not careful.

The City Council recognise this and have promised to upgrade all these Dangerous Cycle Lanes. It is slowly getting better but it will take time. It seems these Cycle Lanes were not designed by People who Cycled or they never Consulted anybody who Cycled they just Plonked them there and gave themselves a Clap on the Back for it.
Instead all they had to do was Copy what they had in the Netherlands but they did not want to put the Motorists Noses out of Joint by putting in dedicated Cycling Lanes and Infrastructure like they had. Now they are playing catch up time but still they are afraid to upset the Car Lobby.

RafaelHartin1 said...
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