06 March 2010

At the Garden Shop in Dublin City.

On Friday I headed off into the City to my favourite Garden Shop Mr Midleton in Mary Street to have a look to see if they got any interesting Plants in for the coming Growing season. I had to pass through the North Strand area on my way. I got to the Hill where the former Strand Picture House was on the Nth Strand Road . There is an off Road Cycle Lane to get you away from the Buses and Traffic on the Hill. It is clearly Signposted but as usual it was blocked by Cars parking on it. I gave out to the Individuals in the Car but it did not Faze them in the slightest. I told them it was Illegal and they just said so what. If I reported it I would have to stay there for over an Hour and there is no Guarantee that any thing would come of it. The last time I reported something I was just left waiting and I had to go off after a few calls and calling down to the Police Station. I got a call two Weeks later telling me they had gone to the wrong spot .This was on the Coast at Clontarf. So you can understand why I did not bother. They did not bother to check it properly. Cycling is very low down on their Priorities.

I eventually ended up getting Compost and two Packets of Seed, Courgettes and Climbing Beans,and got some Fish for Dinner on the way Home in Marino.


Ryan said...

Looks like a beautiful day. Temperature is not so much a factor for myself, as long as the suns out it makes cycling that much more enjoyable.

Regrettably I've learnt to not even both reporting anything to police (unless it is extremely serious).
For the most part it will take an hour to get there,
or if it is something where I have to file a complaint of some sort, nothing will ever come of it.

l' homme au velo said...

We have two options the Police or the Clampers. I think the Police sometimes turn a Blind Eye to what is going on,it is very far down on their Priorities.

It takes Hours to get something done about it. It was around 3.00pm so I had only up to 5.30pm before the Shops close. I had about another 10minutes to Travel into Town. But if I Phoned it in I could have been waiting 2Hours, besides it was to Cold to hang around.

The Weather is around 8 Celsius and Tolerable but not for hanging around.