05 March 2010

Trip to Howth 4th March 2010 Spring Day.

As it was such a fine Day yesterday I thought I would take a spin out to Howth Fishing Village about 10 KM or 7 Miles away.There was no Wind at all as I Cycled along the Cycleway at Sutton and it was great no effort at all.
Pics are 1 Girl on Her Bike at Sutton Cycleway.
2 Cars lined up for the School Run Saint Fintans School Sutton,hardly any of them walk or Cycle anymore but get Chauffered .
3 School Bus blocks the Cyclelane,as a Cyclist goes onto the Coastal Cyleway.
4 Cyclling Family presumably after picking up the Children from School heading to Howth.
5 Howth Lighthouse.
6 King George the 4ths Feet,he had these Cut in Granite after his Visit in 1830,why didnt he just scribble his Name on the Ground like everybody else does.
7& 8 Seals being Fed by the Tourists,Irish and Foreign they buy the Fish of the Fishmongers Shops nearby.Plenty of Tourists even in February,there was a Group of French Speaking Tourists in Howth that Day and others and there was a Coach nearby.
9 Roy Barker 2 RNLI Howth Lifeboat with the Station behind.
10 Myself with Mr Trek on Howth Summit with Dublin Bay behind.
11Howth Summit viewing Point all the Rubbish lying around from the Snack Boxes,terrible.
12 On the way back down towards Sutton on Thormamby Road,looking out over Dublin Bay and the Dublin Wicklow Mountains,towards Bray on the left.
13 At the Bridge to Bull Island,a Group of Cyclists.

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