28 February 2010

Dublin Cycling,never enough Parking for Bikes anymore.

Everywhere you go now there is just not enough Parking Stands for Bikes anymore.Pics South William Street,Old Dublin Letter Box of La Ancienne Regime Bearing the Insignia of Edward the Seventh,Powerscourt Townhouse Shopping Galleria The Former Lord Powrscourts House in the City,Bikes on Coppingers Row, I was admiring this Old Raleigh Step Through from the 1950ties which was in very good condition when its Owner turned up ,Dublin Bikes Public Bike Hire dublin .ie on Chatam Street, Bikes on St Stephens Green facing Grafton Street.


chewy said...

Hi there, that was me with the old Raleigh. Just picked it up off the guys at Rothar.ie a few weeks ago. Delighted with it and a big fan of what the guys up there are doing. Nice blog, will be back again.

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Chewy. I was watching out for an Old Raleigh myself at one stage but now I have no Room in the House to many Bikes and my Shed has a Hole in the Roof. I seen one in the Bike Shop n Fairview but it is a single Speed and needs some Work on it.I met the Girl Anna who Runs Rothar a few times at the Dublin Cycling Campaign meetings,she is Foreign and very small and Thin very nice to speak to.

The Majority of People who look at this Blog are all from Overseas,Netherlands,American, English but hardly any Irish People.

This is why sometimes it has some nice Pictures of Dublin as well as Bikes ,growing Veg and Dogs sometimes.

Daniel Santamaria said...

So many bikes! great to see. Wish we had that many bikes over here in Sydney

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Daniel. We are on the Cusp of a wave after many Years in the Doldrums of not many People being left Traveling by Bicycle. Only those Life long users who never gave up were left Cycling on a Daily basis.

You would have to go back to 1970 to get the same level of interest. But now since about 8 Years the Numbers have crept up again and are growing steadily. The Government although already trying to promote Cycling have to finally wake up and provide better Facilities, all Bodes well for Cycling in Ireland now.

Ryan said...

It's always great to see so many bikes.
Today the weather was beautiful (around 4°C and sunny) and saw a fair amount of bikes. Hopefully as the weather warms up I'll be seeing more bikes out and about!

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Ryan ,Today it has got very nice it is around 8Celsius and the Sun is Shining, Bicycling Weather.Although they expect a sharp Frost at Nightime but we wont worry about that.Good luck in Canada,get out on yer Bike.