01 March 2009

Rent a Bike,Phoenix Park Bike Hire,

This is the very Nice People who Run the Phoenix Park Bike for Hire. You can get Single Bikes,Tandems, Bikes with a Caboose attached that you can put a Child in and Cycle in Safety on the Cycle Paths providing you watch out for Traffic at the Junctions and Stop for them, also you can get fancy Carbon Racing Bikes or Mountain Bikes. I have been in this Park only every so often and I normally come and go through the N C R Road Entrance and so I have not seen them before. They are here for two Years now. They are at the Pargate Street Conygham Road Entrance ,across the Road from the Bus Garage just inside the Park Gates in an Old Lodge. They seem to Hire out an awful lot of Bikes,I wish them the very best in their Endeavours.


Cordelia said...

Dear Jack,

Is there any reason that your blog is called "Le" Vie en Velo ? Surely you know that "vie" is feminine in French ? Sorry if I missed the explanation. I did read back a bit.

le homme au la velo said...

Sorry I did not know that. I dont know how I can change it now, I just wanted to give it a fancy Name, The Bicycle Life back to the Drawing Board.

I have a Book about France and it is called La Vie en Bleu. So I thought It was a good Name for a Bicycle Blog, Hmmm.,Thanks Cordelia ,

le homme au la velo said...

Cordella if you can suggest how it should sound I will try and change the Name Thanks.