22 March 2009

At the Lethal Bus Arus Junction,The City Morgue.

This is the Junction at Bus Arus on Amiens St with Store St and across the Road on Store Street is the Coronors Court and behind that is the City Morgue. At least if you are Knocked down by a Bus or Lorry and Killed they can always Throw you over the Wall into the Morgue,so you wont have far to go.


theurbancyclist said...

The City Morgue, yes, how handy. They should have them at ALL cycling blackspots, particularly when the council doesn't take any action.

le homme au la velo said...

Yes we have the Cycle Lanes but they are badly designed and also they are not Enforced.We have Cars Parking on them and Driving on them,they are just a Joke. You will be very much at Home here ,same System as Britains Cycle Infrastructure.

Thanks Urbancyclist.