10 March 2009

Mabef Studio Easel.

I like Painting Pictures not that I will ever be Famous,Probably after I have passed on someone will find them and I will be declared a Great Artist and my Pictures will be worth a lot of Dosh.

Anyway I decided to get a Decent Easel so that I can Draw big Pictures,something that is very Stable and wont wobble around. So I was in the City on Saturday last and seen one in an Art Shop, but did not Buy it as I was not to happy with the Quality. I prefer to Buy European anyway and not Chinese as this was.
So in another Art Shop I saw a Mabef ,Brilliant as you can Rely on the Quality of these knowing that it will be good. But I got a Shock,it was a fair bit of weight I thought it might be better to come back another Day without the Bike.

However I got it and the Man gave me two Metres of String so I could use it as a Handle to Hoist it over my Shoulder to carry it.With Trepidation I got it onto my Back and struggled to get on the Bike and eventually headed off through the City and then Eventually up the Malahide Road. In Dublin unless you are going along the Coast you will eventually have to go Uphill or a Series of Hills. They are not bad Hills unless you are Carrying a Load. I said to myself I will probably have to walk up the Malahide Road with this 9.5 Kilogram or 20 lbs.

But strangely I had no problems at all on my Trip Home just the occasional Chafing of the String on my Right Shoulder,I had to keep Adjusting it every so often. I went up the Hill without Changing Gear from 5th down to 2nd like I normally do if I have a load. There is 8Gears on the Bike and the Cruising Gear is normally 5th or rarely 4th,but I was able to go up the Hill like a Mountain Goat in 5th. All very strange,was it because the Load was on the Centre of Gravity and not on the Rear Rack where the Normal Stuff is carried. It was an awkward Load I had to keep it from swaying from side to side and I took off my Gortex Jacket to stop it being Torn by the String. I eventually got Home after a Distance of 5Kilometre or 3 Miles and I was not even Sweating or Exhausted by the Exertions. It is amazing the Things you can carry by Bicycle.
I was in Town on Sunday and bought some Groceries and put them in the Saddlebags, and I seemed to have a bit more Pressure going up the Hill but did not have to change down. Whether it was just a good Day for me on Saturday and I was feeling Strong or in the Excitment I somehow gained more Strength I do not know.

I have often found when I have a full load on the Front and Rear Carriers /Racks I somehow am able to Cycle better instead of just having the Load on the back. It is better balanced and gives me better Traction if the Road is Slippy.

Then after I opened the Box and Scanned the Instructions and looked at all the Nuts and Bolts ,I went about putting it all together. I took my time and did each stage at a time and everything went Flawlessly, but I had to undo the Top Screw on the Left Spar to Drop the Shelf that Hold the Paint Tubes or Accessories down the Slide. That is the only slight Error I made.

It is working very well,a Tribute to the Italian Mabef Company,in Business for 60 Years near Milan. Wonderful Workmanship made out of Beechwood.


The Jolly Crank said...

Brilliant! You carried an awkward and heavy item on your bike using nothing but a bit of string! That's clever utility biking.

le homme au la velo said...

Thanks Jolly Crank. I have often carried Trees and Bush Plants in Saddlebags and one Tree hanging on the Handlebar but it Helps if it is on Sunday and in the Suburbs not much Traffic. If it is a piece of Wood you can Tie it to the Crossbar. But not this as it is to Wide and Long about 5ft + 6inches +6 Inches. I could do with a Trailer sometimes.