22 March 2009

Dublins Lethal Cycling Infrastructure

Rush Hour from 5.15 pm -6.30pm at Bus Arus on the way out of Town. The Cycle Lane suddenly Ends and you get Wedged in by the Dangerous Traffic.


theurbancyclist said...

If more people cycled in Dublin it would be safer. Thanks for uploading all those pics.

le homme au la velo said...

The Cycle Lane Ends at the Front of the Van,I was not in Humour of going back to Photograph the Actual Line.

A lot more People are Cycling now in Dublin,but the Authorities are only approaching Infrastructure at a very slow Pace. They put in Cycling Lanes about 8 Years ago but do not Enforce them. The same Regime applies as Britain,it is all very Token.
No Motorists are ever Penalised for Parking on them or Driving on them.We have only a very few Segregated Cycle Lanes in Dublin and I dont know what it is like in other Cities like Cork or Waterford,as I have not been down there lately.
I must do a Report on other Cities when I get the chance and post some Pictures. Thanks Urbancyclist for your Comments.