18 March 2011

St Patrick's Day Parade Dublin 17th March 2011.Bike's are Brilliant.

On Western way Phibsborough  at the Assembly Point at 10.30 AM.

Astrid arrives with the T Shirts in the Bakfiets,Dutch Bike Shop .ie,in Mountjoy St.

Two Dutch Girls from bearbikes. com

Dutch Girls from bearbikes .com in Mountjoy St.

myself with a Girl Cyclist 

Myself with a Spanish Girl in Mountjoy St.

Smart Travel ,Bikes to School.in Montjoy St.

This young Cyclist was fascinated by the different Creatures.

Dublin Cycling Campaign on Parnell Square.

Astrid from the Dutch Bike Shop .ie.outside the Garden of Rememberence Cavandish Row.

Very nice Thorn Touring Tandem.

Thorn Touring Tandem.

The Royal Mace presented to Dublin by King John in the Norman Days,Traditionally the Firebrigade members have the Honour of carrying the Mace and Sword in Official occasions .The Mayor Gerry Breen.

The Royal Sword of Dublin,presented by King John in Norman Days.

Military Red Cap's Police,Very Pleasant Smile on this Girl.

Beautiful Thorn Tandem Tourer.

Dutch Bike's

Very Tall Girl ,Dutch I think she was on a Dutch Bike.

Gerty the Azor back Home.
I attended the St Patrick's Day Parade today with the Dublin Cycling Campaign Group of which I am a member and we had a Terrific time. There must have been over a Hundred Cyclists taking part with all sorts of Bikes and Parents brought their Children with them as well on Bikes and in a couple of Bakfiets. The Dutch Bicycle is starting to make its presence felt in Dublin with a few different Companies selling them all over Dublin and County,they are very comfortable as I can attest as I have one since 07 and it is easily the most comfortable Bike I have ever owned. There was at least three different Groups with Dutch Bikes and Dutch People,The Dutch Bike Shop .ie, Bear Bikes .com, Greenaer.ie.  I especially liked the Bakfiets with the Box in front,they are great for Transporting Children and Cargo of all kinds. There was a very nice Thorn Touring Tandem I liked that very much.

Unfortunately there was so much Pictures and I can only include so many. This is a Bicycle Blog after all so I have to concentrate on them but I have included some Pictures of the other Participants to show what the Parade was like. I left my House at 10.00am to be there for 11.00am but I had bags of time,things did not start until 12.00pm.

The Cycle Group let out the Chant every so often ,Bikes are brilliant,I suppose if it was longer People could not understand what was being said this was accompanied by Bells and Whistles and Horns from the Bicycles. We had White T Shirts with St Patricks Festival written on the front and that was  brilliant on the back. Sometimes the Spectators were more interesting than the Participants taking part. Load's of Children wanting to give high fives and also lot of Adults too,Holding out their Hand for you to Tip as you went past. All the People were very Colourful with all sorts of Hats and with Green Hair and faces. The Weather remained fine and moderately warm with Sun shining for most of the time and no Rain. Every so often some black Clouds came out and with them a cold Breeze but they soon went away and the Sun came out again. Temp was around 10C,a very mild St Pats Day,very enjoyable .


Trevor Woodford said...

Great set of images...thanks for posting them so we can all 'join' the celebrations.


l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Trevor,Too many to Post unfortunately and this Blog is really about the Bikes but I showed some other Pictures so you can get a Flavour of the occasion.

Jean said...

Hey there.

There is a blog about biking named Amsterdamize, and another named Copenhagenize, wich you are probably familiar with...

Since the names of your blog are bit incorrect - it should be “la vie à vélo”, not “en vélo” (though many French do the mistake) or even less “au vélo” - I suggest you just rename everything and choose “Capitalize” as a title.

This would allow you to talk about cycling culture in European capitals and at the same time help you to spread a creative spelling style.

Best regards

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Jean,I corrected it a bit before and I will try again if Google lets me ,duly noted.

The Title on the Internet will probably stay the same though .

Sorry for making you cringe,I will do my best.

Ryan said...

It's great to see bike in the parade!

It seems like the St. Patrick's Day parade in Ontario cities came and went without much fanfare this year.

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Ryan this is the second Year to show the Bikes,I hope it continues.

The St Patricks Day Parade is a big event here in Ireland with Parades all over the Country and very colourful they are. A lot of effort is put into it.

Mandie said...

Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we'll talk about it.


Mandie Hayes

l' homme au velo said...

Hello Mandie ,sorry it took so long to respond. I will have a go at adding your blog to the list. Thank you for your response.