08 March 2011

The Cycling Week,a mixed collection of bits and pieces

I got a Fuel Bottle for my Trangia Stove also a Strainer and Food Chopping Board and a Filter for making Coffee on the Trail last Saturday week while in the City Centre of Dublin./Jai Achat á Dublin accoutrements pour Velo Touring Trangia  Boutille pour Alcool Bruler,Café Filtre au Bon Prix,Trangia Bord Alimentation./Clic sur le Photo's pour Aggrandir/Clic on the Photo's to Enlarge.
I tried out the Filter and it makes nice Coffee,it was cheap to buy and very light though bulky./le filtre produit Tré Bonne Café
While I was in the City,I parked the Surly in Drury Street Car Park ,very handy as it was raining out and I never brought the Saddle cover with me.
Spotted this nice Fixie, Pinarello, in Fade Street.
Fancy Ornamentation on the Handlebars of the Fixie.
I got Cycling Mitts for the Summer and they are on the right in Red with two pairs of my Waterproof Winter Gloves.
On Tuesday last I decided to go to Howth to buy Fish. I decided to do a bit of Hill Climbing up the Sutton side of the Hill of Howth, Old fashioned Tractor in Field on Carrickbrack Road on Farm./  Viuex Tractor , ferme, Routiere Carricbrack Col Du Howth
View of Dublin Bay and Wicklow Mountains./Vue du Montaigne Wicklow et Bai Dublin
Baily Lighthouse Howth,le Phare Baily Col du Howth.
On the Summit having a Drink of water./ Ce moi consummere Boutille d'eau,col du Howth.
The Post Office Howth./Office du Poste Village du Howth.
Seals in the Harbour waiting to be fed Fish by the Tourists who buy it from the Fishmongers Shops on the West Pier.
 Howth Harbour ,Port du Howth . I Bought Fish for Dinner /Jai Achat le Poisson pour Diner sur Pier l'oust
Saturday I was with the Dublin Social Cycle Group doing Laps of the Phoenix Park, Fallow Deer.
Doing Laps of the Phoenix Park with the DSCG.
This Guy really is a Bike Geek,he can take Bikes apart and Reassemle them again.
He does what it says on the Shirt,Bike mad.
We stopped for Refreshments in the Café beside the Zoo in the Phoenix Park.
Some of the Group.
Photoshoot of the Group  in the Phoenix Pk on Chesterfield Road,9 Participe en ce occasion .Our Group consists of  various Nationalities from many Lands, le notre groupe contenu nationalites tré different dans le Monde.Total au le moment du groupe 42
Another Photoshoot with me in it this time.
When I got Home I discovered I had done 52.62 KM.
Sodden Cycling Clothes Dumped on the Bike when I got Home.
It was a mixed week,first I went into the City last Saturday week and bought some bits and pieces. I got a Fuel Bottle for the Methylated Spirits for the Trangia Stove. I had to decide between the 1Litre or the 500 ML, I decided the 500ML would be better instead of hauling a Litre of Stuff around. It would usually last you a Week. I also got a Trangia Strainer /Chopping Board. I looked at a Trangia Coffee Filter but decided it was to Dear for me. So I finally got a Cheap alternative in the Stock Shop in South King Street and tried it out at Home and it worked fine. I also bought New Cycling Mitts for the Summer.

On Tuesday I decided to go to Howth to buy Fish,so I did a bit of Hill Climbing up the Sutton side of Howth for practice. I still had to get off on parts of the Hill to walk while I watched other Cyclists go up it with no bother. I got the Fish in Dorans on the West Pier and Cycled over to the East Pier to the Lighthouse for awhile before Cycling Home 30KM there and back.

On Saturday I went for Laps around the Phoenix Park with the Dublin Social Cycle Group meeting up with them at the Wellington Monument and Cycling in the Valleys and Hills of the Park. We stopped for Coffees and Food at the Café beside the Zoo before doing some more Laps,9 Cyclists turned up for it. It is an International Group of Cyclists from Different  Countries.We had a great time,when I got Home I had done over 52 KM.Weather was dry but Cool out around 8 to 10 Celsius for the Week.


Trevor Woodford said...

Looks like you have a good social cycling group going on there....!

Thanks for sharing the photos with us....


l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Trevor,The Year is only starting off so you will only get small numbers on the Trips because of the Cold Weather.

This spin around the Phoenix Park is very handy because it is local and not far,many will have committments so not much so far.

On the far Trips there will be only a couple for the time being,but as the weather gets better there will be more on these long trips.

There is also the small core who likes going up Hill Climbing in Wicklow,these are more Sportive of the group I am not one of those. If I am going up the Wicklow Hills I usually go on my own.