24 March 2011

Cycle Trip to the Hell Fire Club ,Dublin Mountains 24th March 2011.

The Hell Fire Club ,Dublin Mountains /Club du feu de Enfer , Montaigne du Dublin.

I have never been to the Hell Fire Club,always wanted to go have a look at it but never did. So today as the Weather was so good a very mild Spring Day 14 C I decided to go for a Cycle up there. I left the House at 12. 35am and first went into the City then the South County Dublin off up Harolds Cross Rd then Rathfarnham Rd then Willbrook Rd then up Ballyboden to Scholarstown Rd . Turned right then up Stocking Lane then up up up over the M 50 Motorway up the Hills.

I had to get off and walk for a few KM then Cycled for a few more then off the Bike and more Hill walking. Then eventually the Forestry sign for the Hell Fire Club . I walked through two Gates then up through the Forest for more Kilometres up the Hillside. It was very Beautiful being surrounded by all the Trees. Eventually I got to the Top and I knew the Club was not far off but I could not find it. I asked a Chap with his Dogs and I discovered I had gone past it . I had walked past a Lane with out any sign to tell you .  Up this Lane which was a short Hill of about 1K until I came to the Building.

This Place is a very Foreboding looking Building with all sorts of strange Stories about it. The Story goes that in the 18th Century this Building was made as a Hunting Lodge for one of the Nobility and he had Wild Parties here. He had wild Orgies and unspeakable Bestiality and also Black Magic Ceremonies  went on together with non stop Gambling. One Night as the Party was in full swing in one Room there was Gambling as usual in another. One woman dropped her Cards on the Floor as you do and stooped down to pick them up.The man sitting beside her it was noted was a very Handsome Dark Complexioned Person with deep set strange Eyes and Black Hair. She noticed that instead of having Shoes on he had Cloven Feet,she jumped up and let out a scream and fled the Building. Other People noticed his Feet and they too Scattered out the door. Pretty soon there was a panic with People knocking down Candelabra and Oil Lamps with the mad rush to get out the Door. With the Result  there was a fire and many People lost their lives. People swore they could hear mad Laughter coming from the Interior of the burning Building and it was said the man was the Devil come to take his own back to Hell. The whole area is said to be Haunted and People have said that Black Masses are held on the Mountainside sometimes.

I could see the City far below in the mist about 570 M about 2'000 ft but the Camera did not resolve the view to well. I had arrived at around 3.00pm and after exploring for awhile and taking Pictures I had Lunch of a Baguette filled with Chicken and Salad Tomato and Onion and some Water. Then I headed off down the Hillside at around 4.00pm in the direction of Rathfarnham. It was much easier coming down than going up ,I flew down the Hillside through the Forest. The Tectro  Oryx Brakes on the Surly is not much good at stopping and I was not taking any chances,I did not want to go off the Hillside when coming to Hairpin Bends so I slowed down rather than having to rely on stopping the Bike in a hurry. It is something I must upgrade with new Cantilevers Brakes, I hear the Tectro CR 720 is good .

I got Home at 5.02 Pm Total distance for the trip was 43.7KM ,it was a very nice trip not tiring in spite of the Hillwalking. One problem that cropped up,the Pannier on my Carrier Bag disintegrated and the other Pannier is coming apart too. This bag is a few Months old and has not had rough use,I will have to rummage around for the Receipt to try and get it exchanged.


Ryan said...

The second picture looks so peaceful!

I love visiting places with older buildings. The Hell Fire Club looks quite unique!

I usually go on my Spring ride around this time of year, however temperatures have been between 1-8C and almost daily rain...After tomorrow we're suppose to have a week of solid rain.
Since January cycling whether for recreation or commuting has been horrible.

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Ryan our Weather has been very good now for awhile and it was 14C on that Day and for a few Weeks. We still have the fine Weather and it went to around 20C in April on some Days. We get a day or so of some rain but then the Sun comes out again.

That Story about the Hell Fire Club can be taken with a grain of Salt but the Debauchery and Gambling and Black Magic Ceremonies did go on and there was a Fire.

There is actually another Hell Fire Club in England as well would you believe with the same sort of reputation. I seen a reference to it in an Item on the Hell Fire Club Web Site but I do not know where it is there,you can always type it in to find out.