30 May 2009

Trip to Nth County Dublin,Skerries Mills.

The Weather is Lovely at the Moment so I took a Trip out to See the Mills in The Town of Skerries ,There are Three of them . Two Windmills and one Watermill and a Bakery, the Bakery and Mill was Still Working up to the 1960ties but the Windmills became Disused. They began Restoring The Windmills and Watermill in the 1990ties and are still Restoring Parts of the Complex Today but the Windmills and Watermill are all Working now. The Small Windmill Dates from 1500 and the Large one from 1750. On the Large one they had Horses to Drag the Sails around into the Wind Years ago but now they use Tractors. They have a large Field for growing the Grain and an Artificial Pond Supplied by a small River to Turn the Millrace on the Watermill.

I went on a Tour around the Complex, it was very interesting . There was two Old Bicycles in the Mills probably British possibly Humber or Raleigh Pre 1950ties Style.

I stopped off for something to Eat on my way Home at 6.30pm in the Village of Lusk and left at 7.00pm. I had a large Coffee with a Baguette of Chicken and Salad and got Home around 8.20 pm and had my Dinner at 9.50 pm Potato Haddock and Home Grown cabbage.

I Travelled all Told 58 Kilometre.

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