22 May 2012

Ramble through Dublin on my Surly LHT 19.may. Part one12 036.MP4


Ryan said...

I didn't really like the shared sidewalk part. You have to go pretty slow it seems to avoid pedestrians.

I know that is what Toronto's (anti-bike) mayor suggested doing. Splitting the sidewalk in half, which makes no sense. Toronto's sidewalks (in the core) are packed with too many people already.

As for the taxi speeding by close...I swear I'm lucky I live where I do. I have never had an issue with a taxi ever. I find them exceptionally respectful and courteous here.

Just across the lake in Toronto however, there is almost quite literally a war between cyclists and taxi drivers.
Just a month ago a cab driver got away with murder. He backed into a cyclists (intentionally), killed the cyclist and his defense was he was aiming for the bicycle.
The judge accepted it.

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Ryan,The shared Pavement/sidewalk,a big problem with that Bus shelter and the Pedestrian Bridge makes it very awkward for Cyclists and Pedestrians not much room. This is a main Commuter route for Cyclists and it has Cyclists shooting by in the Morning both ways even though it is one way.The actual road is quite wide and they could have taken more of the road to widen the Path.We always had a problem with Taxi Drivers in Dublin since the 1960ties,they break the rules like pulling in to quick and U turning to pick up a fair and shooting past Cyclists only inches away. You only know they are there when they shoot past you as modern cars do not make a sound like old fashioned ones.Also a big problem with those Buses scraping past Cyclists and they always seem to travel in threes or fours.