24 April 2012

Taking the Brompton out for a test run on new Schwalbe Marathon Tyres.

Postman delivering Mail  in Killester ,Dublin

Postman in Killester Dublin 

St Annes  Estate  Park

St Annes Estate, Park

St Annes

St Annes.

Myself on the Brompton ,St Annes.

Howth Fishing Port, The Brompton with new Schwalbe Marathon plus Tyres.

I broke the Metal Clip on the Gear change Mechanism on the Plastic Connector and had to Jury rig it with wire or I would not be able to change Gear. The newer Bromptons have the Sturmy Archer Screw instead of the Plastic Conncetor. I will have to get this screw connector. I am losing a lower gear because of it. Notice the Bottle Dynamo.

The Brompton on the Cycleway at Clontarf.

Back Home.

Squirrel in St Annes,when I tried to get closer it disappeared in the Bushes.
The Tyres were fine ,I did not see much difference in Rolling Resistance ,perhaps a bit harder of a ride. I will have to adjust the nose of the Saddle downwards. I did not bring the Spanner with me. Have a look at the accompanying U Tube Video below on the other post to see me in Clontarf.


Carolyn said...

I use Continental Touring Plus which I think is the competition to the Marathon. They are heavier then normal tires, but I haven't had one flat yet, not even when I rode 1400 kms last Summer! No problems riding with them.

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Carolyn ,I could not get the Brompton Green Brand Tyres,these have a Kevlar belt but they are less heavy than the Schwabe Marathon and supposed to be less rolling resistance. On the Surly LHT I got RIBO Panaracer Tyres 26 + 2" Touring Tours with Kevlar Belt and so far I have found them great,although they seem heavy. Next time I will get 1.75" INSTEAD OF 2".

Ryan said...

I'm jealous of the Postman's bike! Just the idea of Canada Post workers riding bikes like that has me laughing.

I've been seeing more folding bikes over the last year or so.
One thing I've always wondered, what sort of weight can they support?

I haul a lot of groceries and other heavy items.

l' homme au velo said...

I just found out recently that we have 1,300 Postmen on Bicycles delivering Mail in the Republic of Ireland,amazing.Although they are sparsely found,I only see them rarely.

The Brompton,I used it for awhile some years ago for groceries and found it alright,even though I was using the thinner wheels. I put the groceries in the bag on the front,it is a fairly big bag the Touring bag. I never put a very heavy load on it but it filled what I needed about 25pounds at most.I only had to travel 2kilometre back Home from the Supermarket and no Hills to provide extra strain.

Fernanda Lobato said...

Amazing bike! I have never seen one like this before... :)

l' homme au velo said...

Hello Fernando, The Brompton is getting very popular in Ireland because it can be put on a Train just like ordinary Luggage. Instead of an ordinary Bike only being allowed in off peak hours on Trains in Ireland and the UK.

It is also widely used in the UK as it can be stored under a Desk in an Office. Thanks for your comments.