21 January 2011

Sunday spin to Howth.

Outside St Annes Park/Face Parc Ste Annes

outside St Annes Park/Face parc Ste Annes, Raheny

At the Old Red Stables St Annes Park/proche La Ancienne Centre d'équitation rouge,parc Ste Annes

Cycleway ,Raheny/  Chemin duVelo, Raheny

Farmers Market Howth Village/ Marché Ferme Village du Howth
Harbour Road Howth/Routiere de la Port  Howth
Farmers Market /Marché  ferme, l'enfant fille regarde le confectionaire fudge avec plaisir.
Bread and Cakes StalFarmers Marketl/Boulangerie et Patisserie,Marché ferme Howth

Fish and Chips/Poisson et Frites

NewBike Shop/Nouveau magazin au le velo,  Howth

View of Howth Village from Balglas Hill/Vue au  Village du Howth sur Col Balglas

myself at the Lighthouse/ce moi pres du Phare avec mon Velo Surly LHT
The Weather got very mild after Christmas around 11  - 12 C and after the last Bike Ride to Howth last Week I decided to go off again this Sunday.  I headed off into Saint Annes Parkland  first and I was shocked by the amount of People there. Loads of People with Dogs and Children and People on Bikes with their Children. It was Lethal ,very hard to avoid not hitting them ,I had to keep slowing down and say excuse me. Dogs straying into my Path off the Lead and more with long Leads,I just had to hurry up and get out of there fast.
Loads of People walking and  Cycling on the Cycleway out to Sutton . It is great to see all this activity with more and more People Cycling and also walking. I eventually got to Howth and had a look at the Farmers Market then took a spin up one of the steep Hill's out of Howth Village to see how the new  Bike handled it.

It is a great Bike for the Hills the Surly LHT, it went up it like a Mountain Goat. One of the Pictures is taken from Balglas Hill of the Village. I did not bother going up the rest of the way to the Summit.

There is a great new Bike Shop on the Harbour Road,The Bike Hub, worth having a look at for Bikes and accesories. I got a Bike Computer off them last week,there is Bike Parking in the Shop which is nice.
Finally a Picture of myself beside the Lighthouse on the East Pier.


Carolyn said...

It looks so Spring like compared to here. I love Farmer's Markets. We have one year round too, right now it's indoors. This is the first year that it is open all year.

We have tons of snow here, we haven't had a dump like this for years! It is making it challenging to use my bike as the snow is so deep. I walked to work most of this week, only venturing out yesterday and even then, it was bad!

The City must change it's snow clearing policies a lot as it seems to be unpredictable what roads will be cleared after a big snowfall. I bike to work on a main road, but after this week's record making dump, not all of it was cleared right away, including sidewalks. That's even though it is a bus route which they are suppose to clear right away.

It has been great for snowshoeing though! ;)

l' homme au velo said...

Hello Carolyn,Thankfully we got rid of the Snow completely on St Stephens Day ,slush and all was gone by the next Day and it has not come back.

Unfortunately we get bits of backtracking with the Frost and ice,the weather was fine for a week then very cold and icy for another week. This is the way it has been since Christmas. It was fine for a week until Sunday with Temps of 11 Celsius when I went to Howth. Then Monday Tuesday came along and it had dropped to 2 - 3 C with a fierce frost at night and continued like this until Saturday when it has gone mild again. So for a few Days it will be 8C then back to the Icy frost again. So long as the Weather is bad on the European Continent we will continue to get bits of bad Weather coming from there. In between we get fine Spring Days like Sunday where everybody gets about.

Ryan said...

The weather sure has improved it seems.

While we were basking in mild temperatures and no snow during Christmas, since the second week of January, that's all we've had.
Last week we had temperatures at around -20.
Poor road clearing has made cycling not to enjoyable.

It's too bad that more people don't walk or cycle to our farmers market.
Although it gets quite busy, many drive to it.
Ours use to be seasonal, however a few years ago they redid it and it's now indoors!

l' homme au velo said...

Hi Ryan. some of our Markets in Dublin are indoors and some are both with indoors and outdoors.

A lot of these Markets are in former Factories or on open squares around the City,some are in Pub Car Parks and one is in a Town Park.

In the City Centre people either walk or Cycle to them but in Suburbia or outlying Villages and Towns a lot drive to them.

The Village of Howth is a Fishing Port it is also a very Touristy Town with Tourists visiting at any time of the Year and is full of Sea Food Restaurants ,it also has marvellous scenery with a small Mountain behind the Town which Cyclist love to practice going up.

At least in Canada they have huge amounts of Snow with us there is no excuse for not clearing the Snow off Pavements as we get hardly any except for this year it was an exception.

The Wrong Girl said...

I love cycling to St. Annes, Bull Island and Howth...actual bike paths!

l' homme au velo said...

Hi The Wrong Girl. It is really the only really decent Cycling Path we have in the City and it is not really wide enough,it should be much wider and they should get rid of those Poles at the entrance's that stick up in the middle of the Path.

It will be terrific whenever they get round to extending it from Bull Island Bridge to the Causeway on James Larkin Rd,and when it is continued right around the Bay to Sandycove,The Pig's will probably Fly if they ever do it.