20 October 2009

Autumn Days on my Bicycles, Clontarf and Surrounds.

Gerty The Dutch Bike arriving Home with the Groceries 2 pics,
Autumn Day in Fairview Park 3 pics,
My New Trek 7.3 F X Fast Bike on Clontarf off Road Cycle Path 2 pics,
Cars Illegally Parked on the off Road Cycle Path at Alfie Byrne Road Clontarf last Sunday Week and not a care in the World and nobody Ticketed or Hauled away,
No Cycle Parking Stands/or Racks at Killester Train Station,People have to Park their Bikes Lashed to the Bridge Parapet Railings or just leave it against the Wall like this Grand Old Raleigh with the Religious Emblem on the Seat Tube for good Luck 3 pics. Weather was very Mild up until now ,we have had a very good Autumn, Indian Summer as they say. Now Today the Rain has come and the Wind also but it is not Cold.


Anonymous said...

How far did those drivers have to illegally drive up the bike lane to get to that point?

I one apartment we lived in, we had a similar problem: despite a sign saying 'Please keep clear' on our garage door, people would constantly park right against it so we couldn't get out. What really got me annoyed was that this was a disabled parking space and most people were not disabled, but wanted to perk a bit closer to the shop.

I was planning to make a sign saying "Illiteracy is not a disability, and neither is being ignorant. Please park elsewhere next time".

Probably best that we moved...

Anonymous said...

Looking at the last comment, I don't think I could have made the sign anyway: I can't spell properly in English

l' homme au velo said...

About 100Metres away there is an Entrance. There was around 40 Cars Parked all along the Cycleway. There is the National Music Centre across the Road from this and I suspect that these are the Culprits. They have Concerts and also People Learn how to Play Traditional Music and Song.

At our Supermarkets people constantly Park in the Disabled Drivers Space,they do not have the Signs on their Car Windows and the People are obviousely Fit and Healthy.

Dont Worry I get the Meaning of your last Comment it is Plain enough. Thanks Workbike for your Comment.

l' homme au velo said...

In Ireland and also our Neighbours in UK there is a very Relaxed Attitude to Bicycle Infrastructure,á Laissez Faire. A Blind Eye is used against cycle Lane Parking and also Driving on. It is not Rigorously Enforced ,if you Report it you are left waiting for over an Hour before someone turns up if ever. They are starting to get their Act together slowly,the Authorities Realise that they have to begin Promoting Cycling Realistically.

chad said...

I noticed you bought a Trek FX bike. I was on the design team for that bike. I would love to hear your thoughts about the bike, good or bad. If interested I can be reached at research@trekbikes.com

chad L!

l' homme au velo said...

Thanks Chad ,I might look you up. it is a nice Fast Bike, I have it since the 10/10/09. But I have had to Tweek it a bit like take off the Bontrager Saddle because it was to Hard and put on my Favourite Saddle a Brooks B17 Leather Saddle. I also took off the Bontrager Slick Tyres because they were a bit Slippy with our Rain and put on Continental Touring Tyres.